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What kind of gift is appropriate at Chuseok?

Expats are not held to the same rules as Koreans, and generally anything we give is much appreciated. Chuseok gifts tend to be very practical and often involve food or drink of some kind.  Visit your local supermarket or department store and you'll get an idea of the kind of gift packages people are giving.

Gift certificates from department stores are also much appreciated as is money. If you give money, it should be new bills if possible (again, if not, it will not be a major faux pas since you are not Korean). Money and gift certificates should be in a new white envelope.

The amount of money or value of the certificate, depend on you. You can check with Korean colleagues if it's for someone who works for/with you. But ultimately, it's up to you.  (She the question in this section on 'who').

For more information on gift-giving, including holiday gifts, click on About Korea and then on Customs and Traditions or for business, click on the Working & Business tab, then on Key Values and Norms.

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