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Blood Donations - Transfusions
Bring Driving License to Korea
Landline Telephone Service
What To Bring to Korea
Buying and Registering a Car, Korea
Getting a Korean Driver's License
Adopting a Shelter Dog
Liability and Auto Insurance, Korea
Passport and Visa Requirements, Korea
Rules of the Road
Traffic Accidents, Korea
Traffic Rules, Korea
Credit Cards for Non-Koreans
By Bus from Seoul
Amusement Parks, Children Seoul
Parks and Playgrounds. Seoul
Activities for Kids - Seoul, Gyeonggi-do
BBQ Gas Tank Refills
In-line, Roller Skating
By Train from Seoul
Korean Currency
Restaurant Culture, Korea
By Bus in Seoul
History of Korea
Renting a Car, Korea
Traditional Markets, Seoul
Shopping Areas, Seoul
Korean Language
Olleh KT Statement Access Translation
Museums for Children, Around Korea
Korean People and Culture
Korean Ancestral Memorial Rites, Jerye.
Korean Birthday Customs
Seasons and Weather, Korea
Architectural Art
Korean Courtesy and Harmony
Chasu - Embroidery in Korea
Korean Entertaining Etiquette
Gender Roles
Gift Giving
Personal Ornaments
Wedding Customs
Traditional Dance
Korean Literature
Music Styles and Instruments
Korean Traditional Painting
Entrance Documents
Pension Obligations and Rights
E-Sports Stadiums
Health Insurance Summary
Teaching Job Options
Housing for Teachers
TFL Recruiters
Treatment of Teachers
Tax Save Card Registration
Daejeon Taxi Service
Visa Categories for Korea
Visa or Entry Problems
Doctors and Cultural Differences
Medical Emergencies
Dental Care
Immunization and Health Issues
Double Decker Bus Tour, Seoul
Medical Insurance
Apply for National Health Insurance
Contracts for ESL Teachers
Medications and Prescriptions
Health Care Options
Shopping Etiquette/Culture
Yellow Sand-Dust, HwangSa
Information Help Line 1330
Where To Find Food Products, Seoul
Before Signing Rental Lease or Moving In
Renting in Korea, Lease Options
Real Estate Agents - Budongsan
General Information About Housing
Housing Locations In Seoul
Korean Food and Cuisine
Korean Restaurants
Children's Stuff, Seoul
Noraebang Machine Functions Translations
About Learning Korean
International Schools - Seoul Area
Bringing in Household Goods - Customs
Bringing Pets into Korea
Bringing in Plants - Quarantine Regs
Business Practices and Etiquette
Corporate Structure
Language of Business
Korean Names and Titles
Gifts in Business
Drinking Norms
Kibun, Nunchi, Inwha, Harmony
Currency Regulations
Insurance Coverage
Using Taxis in Korea
By Subway in Seoul
Public Transport Discount Cards - City Pass and T-money Cards
Opening a Bank Account in Korea
Banking at the Post Office
Post Office Banking
Korean for Emergencies
Medical Care Intro
Animals and Pets Culture in Korea
Sending-Receiving Mail-Packages
Free Yongsan Shuttle Bus
Vaccinations Needed
Getting Around Seoul
Getting Around Korea
Entering Korea, Immigration-Customs
Arriving at Incheon or Gimpo Airport
Helpful Telephone Numbers
Lost and Found Seoul - Bus, Subway, Taxi, Airport, Train
Tourism Help Line - 1330
Specialty Art Museums, Seoul
Art Museums, Seoul
Cultural Events, Seoul
Amusement and Theme Parks, Seoul
Sledding, Seoul and Gyeonggi-do
Concert Halls, Seoul
Leaving Korea - Settling Bills
Traditional Games
Palaces, Seoul
Attractions Seoul
Grocery Shopping-Western and Asian Food Products
Tourism in Korea, General Info
Buddhist Temple Stay
International Schools - English, Around Korea
Learning Korean
Shared or Special Interest Groups
Bringing in a Vehicle
Garbage Disposal, Recycling
Getting In and Out of Korea
Internet Services, Korea
Travel Agencies
Recycling and Second Hand Outlets,
Travel by Boat/Ferry
Garbage Bags, Seoul
Travel by Bus
Travel by Train
Travelling Around Korea
Sports Teams and Clubs
Chambers of Commerce
International Adoptions
Baseball Teams, Professional
Community Groups & Clubs in Seoul
Food Shopping in Korea
Defining Harassment and Harasser
Specialty Markets, Seoul
Emergency Support Centers for Migrant Women
Women Business Groups
Seoul Info via Social Media
Pedestrian Hazards, Korea
Taxi-Transit Complaints
Bus Fares-Transfers
Bus Route/Interactive Map
T-money - Transit Smart Card
Info/Interactive Map Subway
Sports for Children, Seoul
Taxi Fares/Receipts/Tipping
Free Shuttle Buses - Daegu
Types of Taxis in Seoul
Tourist Taxis
Call or Reservation Taxis, Seoul
Yongsan-gu Communityn Centers
Gangnam-gu Community Centers
Seocho-gu Community Centers
Seodaemun-gu Community Centers
Friendship and Trust
Mabijeong Mural Village
Motorcycle Training Courses
Christian Churches, Outside Seoul
Cooking, Kitchen Conversion Charts
Flea Markets, Seoul
Bidet-style Toilets Translation
Swimming Pools - Busan
Concert Halls, Incheon
Criminal Background Check for E2 Visa English Teacher
ESL Teachers' Associations
Info Sources for Police Checks for E2 Visas
Permits and Visas - Government Information Sources
Korean Customs Service Offices
Alien ID Limitations
English Camp Teaching Visas C4
Academic Credentials Requirements for Teaching in Korea
Intro to Korean Health Insurance
Seoul Call Center - Dasan 120
Finding Government Offices
Severance Pay Entitlement
Supermarkets-Sunday Closings Schedule
Art Galleries-Museums, Gyeonggi-do
Substitute Holiday
Severance Pay
Christian Churches - Daejeon
Mandatory TuberculosisTests
Government Websites - Work
Constitution of Korea
Immigration Office Locations, Korea
Working Holiday Visa Option
Soellal, Lunar New Year, Customs
Traditional Board-Card Games
Free Tours-Guides Seoul
Other Lunar Folk Celebrations
Employer Responsibilities
Disputes with Employers
How You Get Korean Medical Coverage
Complaints to Labor Board/Commission
Playgroups, Seoul
Workplace Sexual Harassment
Pet Training and Boarding
What is Covered and How You Pay for Medical Expenses
Health Insurance for Foreign Residents
Fortune Telling
Adopting or Fostering a Pet
Part-Time Workers Vacation Time
Sexual Harassment Complaint Options
Hospital for Migrant Workers
Annual Paid Leave, Employer Responsibility
Annual Paid Leave Rights
Getting a Motorcycle License
Alliance Francaise, Around Korea
Movie Theatres, Seoul
Getting a Divorce
Ball Hockey
Annual Festivals, Korea
Volunteer Opportunities - Seoul Area
Daegu Transportation Cards
Permanent Residency
Seoul Tourist Information Centers
Housing Options, Korea
Paying Highway Tolls with Hi-pass
Money Gifts and Bribes
Concert Halls, Around Korea
Concert Halls, Daegu
Traditional Sports
Personalities by Blood Type
Korean 50,000 Won Note
Buddhist Temples in Southern Area of Korea
Art Galleries, North of Han River, Seoul
Art Galleries, South of Han River, Seoul
Personal and Professional Development Associations
Synagogues, Korea
Online Shopping Korea
Having a Baby in Korea - Giving Birth
Pension Refund When In Korea
Chuseok Events and Activities
Legal Responsibilities of Pet Owners
Community Groups and Clubs, Outside Seoul
Cat Rescue and Adoption
Leaving Korea with Pets
Travelling with Pets
Visas for Foreign Workers
Banking Regulations for Foreign Account Holders
General Pension Information
Pregnant Ladies First Badge
Libraries Expats Can Use - Seoul
Libraries for Children, Seoul and Daegu
Passport Changes Reporting Requirement
Interpretation Services 4 Workers
History of Bible Translation
History of Buddhism in Korea
Religious Affiliations
History of Christianity in Korea
Buddhist Temple in Central Area of Korea
Buddhist Temples in Seoul
Buddhist Temples Northern Area of Korea
Addresses and Directions
Pronunciation of Korean Words
Adoptee Organizations
Domestic Adoption
Visa for Ethnic Koreans
Vulnerable Sector Screening for English Teachers
Korean Consulate Offices in Canada
Korean Consulates Abroad
Getting an E2 Teaching Visa
Increase in Intercultural Marriages
Programs for Foreign Wives
Pension Refund from Outside Korea
Payments Without a Bank Account
Advocacy Groups
College Entrance Exam
Joint Bank Accounts
Calculating Annual Paid Leave Due
Inside a Korean Bank - Help for First Time Customers
What To Bring - Teachers, Workers
What You Do Not Need To Bring
Bungee Jumping
Namiseom - Nami Island
Changing of the Royal Guard
Mail Delivery - Old vs New Addresses
Local English Tourism Websites
Claimable Deductions
Daegu Transportation Cards
Volleyball Teams - Men Professional
Shopping 4 Mom and Baby
Having a Baby in Korea - After Baby Arrives
Circumcision of Newborns
Having a Baby in Korea - Pregnancy
Street Foods with their Korean Names
ATM Functions-Translation Korean-English
Traditional Role of Women
Childbirth Customs
Disabled Accessibility - Transport
International Student Identity Card
Drinking Customs
Banking Hours in Korea
Basketball - Women, Professional
Finding Lost Pet
Taxi Fares Seoul
Special Interest Classes-Seoul
Foreign Nationals Exempted from Taxes
K-League Soccer-Football Teams
No Driving Campaign - Seoul
Dealing with Summer Humidity
Mandatory Vehicle Inspections
Weddings and Funerals as Social Metrics
Community Centers Space Rental - Seoul
Medical Check Requirement for E2 Teaching Visa
Art Galleries Korea, Outside Seoul
ActiveX Plug-in Trap
Keys, Locks, Access Codes Translations
Vehicle Ownership Transfer
FX and International Banking from Korea
Free Hotel Shuttle Buses-Seoul
Sebae, Ritual Bow
Tattoos in Korea
Online Banking
Daeboreum - First Full Moon Festival
Public Libraries - Seoul
International Clinics and Hospitals in Daegu
Apostille Requirement
Migrant Workers Help Line
Gardens - Gyeongsangbuk-do
Mobile Point Cards - LG
Natal Care
Eye Care
Minimum Wage
ATM Bank Transfers
Networks for Foreign Spouses of Korean Nationals
Learning Korean Online
Free Korean Classes, Language Exchanges
Books for Learning Korean
Ministry of Labor Interpretation
ATM Basic Terms Korean-English
Bokjori - Bamboo Strainer
Overview of Korean Labor Law
Canadian Taxes for Canadian Expats
Car Racing
Walking and Running Groups
Campgrounds in Seoul-Gyeonggi-do
Gender Inequality Centers in Universities
Buddhist Temples Meditation Centers, Seoul
Korean Zodiac - Animal Signs
Long-Term Residency F-2 Visa Point System
On-line Tax Filing
Services for Foreign Taxpayers - NTS
Automatic Tax Calculation Service
Easy Guide for Foreigners' Year-end Tax Settlement
Resident and Non-resident Taxpayers
Monthly Withholding Tax
Annual Income Tax Payment
Football-Soccer Stadiums, Korea
Mobile Point Cards - KT
Discounts-Reward with Point or Tax Cards
Driving Tips
Rock and Ice Climbing
Expat Soccer-Football Teams
Smoking Bans
Ice Hockey
Horseback Riding and Lessons
Ice Skating Rinks Seoul Area
Scuba Diving
Jet Skiing
Martial Arts
Miniature Golf - Park Golf
Paintball - Survival Game
Snow Skiing
Skating-Roller Blading
Swimming Pools - Seoul
Tennis Courts-Tournaments
Water Skiing
Wind and Kite Surfing
Learning Traditional Korean Crafts
Contacting Korean Immigration
Boseong Green Tea Plantations
Mobile Point Cards - SK
Bicycle Rental - Free, Seoul
Women Help Centres - Hotlines
Driver's License Examination Offices
Christian Churches, Protestant, Yongsan Seoul
Expat Theatre-Entertainment Groups
Being Rhesus Negative in Korea
Point Cards - Bookstores
Long Distance Calls from Korea
Point Cards - Movie Theatres
Happy Point Card - Coffee Shops, etc.
Point Cards - Department Stores
Jungrang-gu Community Centers
Jung-gu Community Centers
Jongro-gu Community Centers
Sungbuk-gu Community Centers
Making Reservations - for Non-Koreans
Department Stores - Closed Days
Fate of Conscientious Objectors
Hindu Temple, Korea
US Taxes on American Expats-FATCA
Taxis for Disabled - Seoul
Air Conditioner - Remote Control Translation
Blood Type Check in Korea
Swimming Pools- Daegu, Gumi
Swimming Pools - Gyeonggi-do
Swimming Pools – Jeolla, Jeju Island
Swimming Pools - Gyeongsang-do
Swimming Pools - Gangwon-do
Termination of Contract - Dismissal
TV-DVD Remote Control Translation
Washing Machine - Clothes Dryer Translation
Water Dispenser Translation
Emergency - 119 Multimedia Contact Services
Foreign SME Requirements
Specialty Museums, Seoul
Specialty Art Museums, Outside Seoul
Ultimate Frisbee
Rice Cooker Functions Translation
Itaewon Community Center
Banks and Securities Firms List
Printer/Scanner/Fax Transation
Dishwasher Settings-Use Translation
Oven Settings Translation
Finding Your Towed Car
Where to Find Various Products
Korean Immigration and Integration Program (KIIP)
Symbolism of Korean Flag
Before Choosing Your New Home
House Hunting for a New Place
After You Move In
Biometric Screening
Bundang Sports-Community Centers
Truth Is No Defense Against Slander Charges
Baseball Terminology - Translation
Lost and Found Daejeon - Bus, Subway, Taxi, Airport, Train
Forwarding Calls
Exhibition Venues - Seoul, Gyeonggi-do
Unemployment Insurance
Mosques-Masjid, Korea
Baseball in Korea
Daegu Transportation Cards
Lacrosse - Winter and Summer
Elevator Signage Translation
Coffee Bean Grinder Translation
Volleyball Teams - Women Professional
Immigration Rules Changes-Updates
Buying Real Estate - Commercial
Stand Up Paddle Boarding
Chuncheon Food Exepriences - Gangwon-do
Christian Churches, Catholic, Seoul
Buddhist Centers Outside Seoul
Buying Real Estate - Residential
Basketball - Men, Professional
Change of Address Reporting Requirement
Mosques, Korea
Expat Rugby - Men, Women, Touch
Dongji – Winter Solstice
Boy-Girls Scouts, Around Korea
Free Medical Interpreting Service, Seoul
Smoking in Korea
Marriage Procedures for Foreign Residents
Public Transportation - Daegu
Christian Churches, Protestant, Seoul
Gardens - Gangwon-do
Handball for Expats
Bicycle Parking - Seoul
Baseball Teams, Amateur Women
Bicycle Parking - Daegu
Museums - Outside Seoul
Animal Protection Laws
Airport Trains To-From Seoul Station
Free Shuttle Bus to Gyeongju
Free Shuttle Bus to Jeonju
Stadiums - Volleyball
Busan Metro-Subway System
American Football
Garbage Pickup Schedule- Seoul
Recycling Centers, Seoul
Stadiums - Baseball
Language Issues in Korean Courts
Bike Trail - Yeouido
Arboreta - Seoul
New Address System in Korea
Volunteer Opportunities Around Korea
Political Parties
Bill Payment Options
Free Health Checks - Yongsan Public Health Center
Hiring Foreign Maids,Nannies
National Human Rights Commission of Korea
By Bus from Busan
By Bus from Gyeonggi
By Bus from Daejeon
By Bus from Daegu
By Bus from Gangwon-do
By Bus from Jeollanam-do
By Bus from Jeollabuk-do
By Bus from Gyeongsangnam-do
By Bus from Gyeongsangbuk-do
By Bus from Chungcheongnam-do
By Bus from Chungcheongbuk-do
By Bus from Gwangju and Ulsan
Side Dishes - Translated
Animal Protection Organisations
Soups and Stews - Translated
Real-Name Law
Lost and Found-Mobile Phones
Bank Check Cards
Arboreta, Gardens - Chungcheongnam-do
Toppass Card
Detergents - Translated
Pre-natal Care Discount Voucher
Garden and Arboreta, North-South Jeolla-do
Museums - Seoul
Noraebang - Singing Rooms
Real-Estate Terms - Translation
Free Art Centers Shuttle Buses - Seoul
Lateness Excuses - Translation
Personal Information Protection Act
Lunar Calendar - Korea
Art Museums, Outside Seoul
Consumer Protection
Bike Trail -COEX Mall Area
Automated Immigration System-SES
Age-Related Terms - Translations
Visa Terms - Translation
Bike Trail - Jungnangcheon-gil Road
Bike Trail - Yangjecheon-gil-Gangnam
Using Korea-Purchased iPhones Abroad
Campgrounds - Around Korea
Bike Trail - Hongjecheon-gil to Bukhansan
Bike Trail - Gangbyeonbungno Thru Seoul Forest
Voting Rights of Foreign Residents
Korean Raw Fish - Translated
Replacing Your Korean Driver's License
How to Identify a Legitimate Taxi in Seoul
Volunteer ESL Teaching
Bicycle Rental - Free, Daegu
Ice Skating, Daegu
Ice Skating Rinks - Busan
Botanical Gardens - Gyeonggi-do
Arboreta - Gyeonggi-do
Botanical Gardens - Jeju
Swimming Pools - Chungcheong-do
Leaving Korea - Exit Bans
Foreign Spouse F-6 Visa
Leaving Korea – Pension, Taxes, Official Tasks
Leaving Korea - Shipping Belongings
Arboreta - Jeju
Unlocking Korea-Bought Cell Phones
Moving Within Korea
Recycling small appliances, Daegu
Gender Wage Gap
Traditional Korean Medicine
New Korean Adoption Law 2011
Lost and Found Busan-Bus,Subway, Taxi, Airport, Train
Busan Bus System
T-Money Card
Busan Taxi Service
Activities for Children-Busan
Bicycle Rental - Free, Busan
Post Offices Seoul - Mapo-gu
Art-Culture-Museums for Children, Seoul
Educational Venues for Kids-Seoul, Gyeonggi-do
Temporary WiFi Options
Utilities - Electricity, Gas, Water
Post Offices Seoul - Seocho-gu
Pre-Marriage Regulations
International Schools - Admission Criteria
Art Galleries and Museums, Busan
Heaters and Humidifiers Translations
Daegu Transportation Cards
Real Name Rule on Korean Websites
Dongdaemun Fabric Market
Abortion - Law and Practice
Unmarried Mothers in Korea
Grading in Korean Universities
Busan Support Center for Foreign Workers
Banking Options for Children
Post Office Box Rental
Lost and Found Daegu - Bus, Subway, Taxi, Airport, Train
Information on Korea - Multilingual
Daegu Taxi Service
Paying Fines-Traffic Tickets
Legal Help - Lawyers
Using Marijuana
Business-Corporate Titles
Post Office Locations-Busan
Post Offices Seoul - Yongsan-gu
Where to Find Dance Accessories
Translation - Corporate Titles
Concert Halls, Gyeonggi-do
Post Offices Seoul - Seongbuk-gu
Olleh Refund Notice Translated
Post Offices Seoul - Gwanak-gu
Post Offices Seoul - Jongno-gu
Toy Rentals
Sales Tax Refund for Visitors
Condominium Purchases - Foreign Nationals
Post Office Locations-Daegu
Bank Checks as Cash
Post Office Locations-Daejeon
Concert Halls, Busan
Post Offices Seoul - Gangnam-gu
Independence Hall of Korea, Chungcheongnam-do
By Bus From Incheon Airport
Post Offices Seoul - Seodaemun-gu
Olleh Statement Translated
Translation - Chuseok Expressions
Bicycle Rental - Daejeon
Recovery Support Groups-English
National Pension Info or Training for Foreigners
Violence Against Women
Psychological Counselling - Seoul
Art Museums, Galleries - Gwangju
Transport APPs - metro, bus, rail
Clothing-Goods Donations
Korea Prepaid SIM Card
Driving in School Zones - Traffic Safety Rules
KBO Games Online
K-League Matches Online


1330 - A Lifeline For Newcomers To Seoul... And Oldtimers Too!
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Seoul To Be Bicyle Friendly City by 2010
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Understanding Koreans - Five Things That Define Korea
Hello Friends - See the Country and Meet the Children!
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Journalists detained in DPRK Break Out the Violins!
Racism in Korea Goes On Trial - Update on the Case
WALK THIS WAY - Seoul Moves to the Right!
Helping Out at the Mallipo Oil Spill
Your chance to volunteer to help clean up the oil spill
Lee Myung-bak: A New Partnership with the Foreign Investment Community
Learning to Breathe the Seon Way
Drug Arrests, English Teachers, and the Role of the U.S. Embassy in South Korea
A Korean Spring - The Beautiful And The Ugly
Putting a Face on
EXPLORING KOREA: A Jewelry Hunter’s Mission
Health Insurance Coverage for Foreign Residents in Korea
Botox for the Seoul
May – A Month of ‘Special’ Days
Korea's Legal Market Opening Soon to Some Foreign Lawyers
Korean Hanbok with an Expat Twist
No really, I don't . . . Oh, so that's what it looks like. . .
(Un)Employment Insurance
Korean Foods That Help Beat the Summer Heat
EXPLORING KOREA: Seokmodo: Land of the Muddy Beach
You’re Invited……But Not Really!
Left High and Dry
Korea's Hwan-gap!
Saving Energy in Korea
Rafting - a fun way to beat the heat
Having a Baby in Korea.......From A New Dad's Point of View
EXPLORING KOREA: Incheon International Airport - A Tourist Attraction?
Employment Disputes in South Korea
Austism in Korea - A Private Family Matter
EXPLORING KOREA: Plenty of room at the Hotel California
EXPLORING KOREA: Jebudo, Getaway for Seoulites
HOPE - English Teachers Giving Something Back
LIFE IN KOREA: Medical Care...A Reason to Stay!
Game of Their Lives
Lone Star Innocent of Wrongdoing in its Acquisition of KEB in 2003
LIFE IN KOREA: Never Thought I'd Love My Dentist!
Foster, Adopt or Come and Play with Homeless Pets in Asan, Korea
Let Us Not Forget........
From International Solidarity to International Censure
Celebrating the First Full Moon - Jeongwol Daeboreum.
LIFE IN KOREA: Getting A New View of the World
Red-White-Black Days, 14th of Feb-March-April - Valentine's Day
Year of the Golden Pig
10 Differences Between South Korea and The USA
EXPLORING KOREA: Mang Yang—Village by the Sea
Hello Friends - Meeting Schoolchildren Around the Country
LIFE IN KOREA: A Podiatrist Worries About My Marriage Prospects
What's New on K4E?
Not all festivals in Korea involve Kimchi!
Discriminatory Practices of Korean Websites
Confession of a Rolling Stones Memorabilia Collector
UNESCO Invites You to Share Your Culture with Korean Students
Buddha’s Birthday at a Mountain Temple in Seoul
May….Family Month in Korea
Honorary Citizens of Seoul 2013
Rugby in Korea....Women's League & Touch
Roh Moo-hyun, A Man of the People (1946-2009)
Updates on What’s New in Seoul and Around Korea
Surviving a Korean Summer!
Picking The Right Removal Company
Pyongyang's True Ideology
South Koreans Struggle With Race
Visiting South Korea Starts With a Plan and the Currency Exchange
For a Beautiful Smile….Beautiful Teeth!
Pepero and Poppy Day - 11 November
Problems Linked to a Korean Wedding Tradition
Jeonju! The Land of Chocopie Welcomes the World of Teachers
Women and Education in South Korea - A Special Discussion
Global Day of Climate Change - December 12
CHEERS & JEERS - Seoul Town Hall Meeting
Christmas and New Year Korean Style
Tiger & Bear - International Comic Project
Smiling Your Best Smile
Another ‘Star’ Extinguished
Creating a Beautiful Smile with Orthodontic Braces
LIFE IN KOREA: February Blah, Blah, Blah!
Raising Hope for Haiti In Seoul
Seoul Going Green for St. Patrick's Day
Sejong City Controversy - Insight into Korean Politics
ROKetship: Launching a Dream in Korea!
Women's Soccer is Back in Seoul!
The Voice at the Other End of the BBB Call
Aeranwon - Supporting Independent Mothers
Are we being told the truth about the Cheonan?
South Korea’s Collective Shrug
Pride Day in Seoul
The Cruel Fate of Korean Moon Bears
Life In Korea - To Tip or Not To Tip
New and Upcoming Price Hikes?
Adieu and Thank You, Andre Kim!
Hiking on the Spine of Korea, the Baekdu-Daegan Trail!
Peace Corps Memories - Illegal Makgeolli
LIFE IN KOREA: Baking from the Seoul
New Regulations re E2 Visas Effective September 2010
LIFE IN KOREA: Maintaining Sanity in Seoul
Ura's Dream- a chance to support animals in a different way
Foreign Residents Including Undocumented Expected to Participate in 2010 Census
LIFE IN KOREA: No Discount for Foreign Seniors
FACES of KOREA: Seoul's New Honourary Citizens
Lunar New Year Traditions
Happy Hangul Day!
Memorial Service for James Perry
Meeting The Happiest Man in the World
LIFE IN KOREA: Korean Study Tips
EXPLORING KOREA: Korean Wave Express Train
My New Job - Helping You With Your Banking in Korea
It Pays To Hire Women
How to Donate to Japan Disaster Relief
Seoul Int'l Women's Soccer Kicks Off 2nd Year
EXPLORING KOREA: A Road Trip to Gyeongju
Canada's Korean War Veterans Return to Kapyong After 60 years
A Home Of Our Own
South Korea Unveils Eco-friendly Building?
EXPAT WOMEN: My Job Was a Mistake
EXPAT WOMEN - Homesick New Mother Abroad
Expat Women: Confessions - A Lonely Affair
Expat Women: Confessions-50 Answers to Your Real-Life Questions
Beating the Heat Without Air Conditionning
Reminiscing Lost Moments in Time
LIFE IN KOREA - Making Your Mark With Wall Nails
EXPLORING KOREA: Wine Tasting at the Kenneth Kim Winery
Special July Sweet-tooth Days
Thank you, BBB
2nd Annual HOPE Summer English Camp Needs Your Help
LIFE IN KOREA: Cure-alls in a Bottle
Irish Association Call to Arms
New Foreign Customer Department at Shinhan
LIFE IN KOREA - A Surgery Experience
EXPLORING KOREA: Baseball Korean-style
LIFE IN KOREA: When a Job Offer is Something Else
Australian Artists at Korea International Art Fair
6 Ways To Build Your Resiliency Skills Abroad
Scramble for Success
Jankura Artspace - An Artspace for Expats
Korea Food Culture Program - A Window Into the Korean Culture
I·Market·U Store - A Platform for Win-Win Exchange
FACES OF KOREA - Expat Filmmaker in Korea
Recycle City
The Expense of Failure
My Life in Songdo
Comic Books & Fudge: Writing the Ura's Dream Workbook
LIFE IN KOREA: Racial Bias in South Korea
Seoul Voted Best Business Travel City of 2011
Land of the Wasted Talent
FACES OF KOREA - Female Korean Chef Wins International Competition
Ringing in the Year of the Black Dragon
Presenting rural Korea to the World as the “Provence of Asia”
FACES OF KOREA - Young Seek Choue
No US Taxes Paid Since Coming to Korea?
North Face Fine
Hanji - One of Korea's Hidden Treasures
RIP Itaewon's The Red Door Store
Multicultural Policy: From Assimilation to Harmonization
American Calls for Korean Culture Center
FACES of KOREA: 125 cm Tall Tiny Angel Jang Soon-Ok
Raising Awareness About Pink Ribbons, Inc
The Importance of Women for Korea's Future
Mental Health in the Korean Workplace
FACES OF KOREA - Maureen O'Crowley (originally posted April 2013)
EXPLORING KOREA - Pentaport Rock Festival
UN Petition for Comfort Women
Assistance for Delinquent U.S. Taxpayers
My Korean Women - From Tradition to Self-reinvention
Internet Explorer Security Breach
Ramen Recall
Role-playing Game Teaches You Korean
Korean Straight Lines: Genesis of a Book Cover
Elephant Speaks Korean
South Korea Gets Popular, Gangnam Style
7 Disabled People Making History Through Visibility
LIFE IN KOREA: Coming of Age Ceremony Experience
Make New Year's Resolutions that Stick
Encyclopedia of Korean Buddhism
New Korean Laws in 2013 Updated
KOREAN EXPERIENCE: 2 Years as an English Teacher
SMG Wins Four 2013 UN Public Service Awards
Stoker: An Exquisitely Twisted Family Drama
ANNE's CORNER: The Sky Is Not About To Fall!
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Service Directory

CanCham - Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Korea
Australia Chamber of Commerce in Korea, AustCham, Seoul
Apple Tours and Travel Service, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
BGN Eye Clinic, Lasik-Lasek-Eye Surgery, Jamsil, Seoul
Asiance Korea
Seoul Foreign British School, EYFS to Year 9, Seodaemun, Seoul
Salvation Army Family Stores, Secondhand Goods, Seoul
KONIS, English Montessori School, Pyeoungchang-dong, Seoul
Beautiful Store, Resale of Donated Goods, Seoul
Diane's Easy Korean Customized Language Culture Training, Around Korea + Long Distance Learning
A Plus Dental Clinic, Orthodontics , Gangnam, Seoul
Asia Society Korea Center, Seoul
American Chamber of Commerce in Korea, AMCHAM, Seoul
Seoul Foreign School, English School, Age 2 to 18, Seodaemun, Seoul
BGN Eye Clinic, Lasik-Lasek-Eye Surgery, Busan
Mu Sang Sa, International Zen Center, Chungnam Province, Korea
Italian Chamber of Commerce in Korea - ITCCK, Seoul
A Plus Dental Clinic, English Dental Services, Bundang, Gyeonggi Province
Busan Foreign School, K-12 English Based School, Busan
Chadwick International School Songdo, PreK-12 International School, Songdo, Incheon
Goodwill Store Seoul - Used Items Donations and Purchases
Dulwich College Seoul, Nursery to Year 13, Ages 3-18, Seocho-gu, Seoul
Cocoonfice, Business Center, Seocho-gu, Seoul
Dwight School Seoul, English Pre-School-High School, Seoul
JzAssociate, Accounting Services, Personal & Business, Seoul & Gyeonggi
TieTax, US Taxes and Financial Planning, Korea
BGN Eye Clinic, Lasik-Lasek-Eye Surgery, Seocho-gu, Seoul
Yongsan International School of Seoul, K-12, Hannam-dong, Seoul
EnglishClass101 - An online English learning system
S-PLANT Dental Hospital, Prosthetic Dentistry-Orthodontics, Gangnam, Seoul
Korea International School-KIS, PK-12 English, Pangyo, Gyeonggi-do
Korea International School-KIS, PK-5 English, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
ICSU International Christian School Uijeongbu, K-12, Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi-do
Sarang Plus Joint and Spine Hospital, Seoul

Questions and Answers

What is the life expectancy of South Koreans?
I'm leaving Korea but have lost my ARC. Do I need to get a new one?
Do I have access to my Korean bank account when I am outside the country?
How do Korean checks work?
Can I access my home country account from a Korean ATM?
Our children are pre-school age. Is there anything for them to do in Seoul?
I'm a foreigner working in Korea. Am I entitled to maternity leave?
How many intercultural marriages are there in Korea?
What are Korea's infant car seat regulations?
Is it true that there will be on-line etiquette programs in Korea?
I've heard that it can be difficult to get phone service in Korea if you're a foreigner. Is that true?
Pre-paid cell phone cards are very costly. Why can't I get regular mobile service?
Why do I have to go and re-register my cell phone every 3 months?

I've received some gifts I can't use for Chuseok. What should I do?
Am I expected to give a gift to my boss?
What is the rule of thumb about gift-giving for Chuseok?
What kind of gift is appropriate at Chuseok?
I've been told that I'm expected to give one month's salary each to my Korean driver and maid for Chuseok and Lunar New Year? Is that correct?
Why is November 11th called Pepero Day in Korea?
Is fortune telling popular in Korea?
Do the colours black and white have the same meanings in Korea as in the West?
What is a cultural property? And what is the difference between a tangible and intagible cultural property?
Why do some Koreans hang fish in homes, stores, etc? Is it related ot the wooden fish hanging in temples?
What is the minimum driving age in Korea?
How can I find out where my car has been towed?
Can I make a left turn on an amber/yellow light?
On what side of the road do Koreans drive?
How do I get rid of my car if it's too old to sell?
How can I find out if there are any outstanding fines on my car?
I bought a used motorcycle. Do I have register it? If yes, how?
Is it legal to drive or park a motorcycle on the sidewalk?
Are vehicle inspections also required by foreign car owners?

Are the people of Seoul starving?
Why was I served milk at a drinking party in Korean bar?
Why is it so special to eat rice cake soup on New Year's Day?
Can you mail items from Korea using padded envelopes? If so, where can you get them?
Are foreign nationals working in Korea entitled to childcare subsidies?
Is there anything special I should bring with me?
I'd love to visit Korea, but I can't eat spicy foods. Is there anything I can eat?
How much should one tip in Korea?
Am I going to be able to find anyone who speaks English when I get to Korea?
Why do we see so many Xmas trees still up in February?
What does paying 'gwaligeum' mean?
We hear a lot about how much Koreans spend on education. How much is spent on public education in Korea?
What does Kibun mean?
What does Nunchi mean?
What is the suicide rate in Korea?
What is the percentage of foreigners in Korea?
How can I can find out the postal code/zip code for an address in Korea?

How can I know which bus to take?
Why should I always get a taxi receipt?
How do I know a taxi is a legal one and not a pirate?
How do I get a refund on the balance remaining on my T-money card?
What is the minimum wage in Korea?
What is the legal drinking age in Korea?
How old do you have to be to buy cigarettes in Korea?
I understand Koreans smoke a lot. Can we smoke everywhere?
Why aren't garbage bags put in trash cans before they are put out on the street?
What is the voting age in Korea?
What is the age of consent for marriage in Korea?

How can I know if I do or don't have health insurance?
I keep hearing about fan deaths. What is it?
Where to find needles or syringes in Korea?
Are there home care nurses available in Korea?
Are there any French-speaking doctors in Seoul?
Are there any Spanish-speaking doctors in Seoul?
I've heard that some employers don't pay their foreign staff's housing. Is that true?
Does Immigration have any branch offices for people living in remote areas?
I've lost my alien registration card. How can I get another one?
I know that I have to file an annual tax return in Korea, but how can I do it when I don\'t speak or read Korean?
Why can't I use my Korean ATM card to access my account from outside Korea?
If I pay for purchases with a Korean credit card, does this add to my income tax deductions?
My boss only gave me less than one month's salary when my contract ended? What can I do.
My employer did not give me my pension information until just hours before my flight. What can I do now?
Why is it that universities don't pay airfaire to and from Korea?
My employer pays me less than my hourly wage when I work overtime. Is that usual in Korea?
Can I receive monies owed me by my employer after I leave Korea?
How can I find the police station nearest to my home?
I need to have the tank on my BBQ grill re-filled. How can I do that?
Can non-Koreans shop at second-hand stores?
Where can I buy baby products?
What are the duties or taxes on international catalog orders delivered in Korea?
Where can we find good deals on electronic products in Seoul?
Are there Dollar stores in Korea?
How to access home country iTunes account in English from Korea?
Can we buy firewood in Korea?
Why are Supermarkets and Super Stores closed some Sundays?
Can anyone who speaks English get an English teaching job in Korea?
Are dogs allowed on highway buses in Korea?
Can I book train tickets online in English?
Does the national health plan cover 100% of my medical expenses?
How much will it cost me to provide my own health insurance coverage?
My employer has gone bankrupt owing me back wages and my air fare back home. Is there anything I can do?
Is it true that as a foreign ESL teacher, I pay Korean income taxes on only a percentage of my earned income?
My employer wants us to work on promotions and special weekend camps for free or for less than our normal hourly wage. Can he do that?
Which has more weight, labor law or the contract? Can a contract go against the law?