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Mobile Point Cards - LG

Mobile Point Cards - LG

There are three mobile membership cards: KT, LG, SK. The one you join willl depend on which one provides your cell phone service.


Eligibility: you must be an LG subscriber to to apply for the LG members card.

How to use and earn points: Show your membership card when purchasing from shops (refer to BENEFITS under each company), type your membership card number when purchasing from online shops (refer to BENEFITS) to receive discount.

How to Apply:
1. Visit an LG Agency (ez-post, Phone&Fun). Bring ID (Passport OK).
2. Call the CS Center on 114 from your LG mobile phone – may be Korean-only speakers.
3. Register online to be an LG member.  Click on [Membership/Event] -> [Membership Card] -> [Application for the card]
** There is an English section on the site, but the application process for the card is in Korean only. You will need to register for your membership in Korean before sign up for the membership card. When registering, all the menus are written in Korean but foreign nationals can register.

Membership Levels:
There are 4 membership levels (VIP, Gold, Silver, General member) depending on your annual spending. LG estimates your annual spending to determine your membership level every December and level changes become valid from January 1st. Membership levels, spending ranges and points are as follows:
VIP (annual spending over 900,000won) 100,000 Points (equivalent to 100,000won)
Gold (annual spending between 600,000~900,000won) 70,000 Points (equivalent to 70,000won)
Silver (annual spending between 300,000~600,000won) 50,000 Points (equivalent to 50,000won)
Genera (annual spending between 120,000~300,000won) 30,000 Points (equivalent to 30,000won)
A user whose annual spending is less than 120,000won is not eligible for LG membership card.

Benefits of LG Membership**:
1. Movie Theatres:

 Cinus, Primus on-site purchasing - 1,000won discount
 MaxMovie online purchasing - 1,000won discount

2. Pizza, Fast Food:
Domino’s Pizza, Mr.Pizza - 15% discount
McDonalds -13%~16% discount (except McMorning, Happy meal sets)

3. Coffee Shops, Bakeries:
Starbucks - free size-upgrade
Paris Baguette, Tous Les Jours, KangdongO Cake, 빵굼터 - 10% discount

4. Automobile Service:
 autoOasis engine-oil replacement discount (depending on kinds of cars)
 KunHo Rentcar - 35% discount

5. Entertainment:
Seoul Land 30% discount / Lotte World Ice Rink 50% discount
LG Twins baseball game ticket 2,000won discount

6. Convenience Stores
GS 25 - 15% discount

7. Family Restaurants:
T.G.I. Friday’s, California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) - 20% discount
Indian Restaurant Chakraa - 10% discount

8. Hair Salons:
Kimgayoung Hair SEMA - 20% discount / Jean Pierre Hair – 20% discount

** VIP’s Benefits include above plus the following
Mr.Pizza - 30% discount / Cinus - 10 free tickets (1 ticket/month limit)

**Check the LG website periodically for updates on benefits. You will sometimes receive messages on your phone regarding promotions, etc.

K4E Editor's Note: wants to provide the most accurate and complete information possible so if you noticed any errors or omissions on this page, please let us know at

Last Updated on 2020-09-29

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