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Circumcision of Newborns

Circumcision of Newborns

In Korea, circumcision has not traditionally been performed on newborns. Koreans tend to decide about circumcisions when the boy is around 9 or 10 years of age, however it is not possible to have it done on a newborn between 3 days and one month of the birth in a few medical centers. The procedure is performed by a urologist and is not done if the boy is more than one month old until he is 9 or 10. 

Medical centers performing circumcisions on newborns: 

1. Cheil General Hospital, Dankook University (단국의대 제일병원)
Location: 17, Seoae-ro 1-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul
Doctor: Dr. Choe Jin-Ho (Pediatric Urologist) English speaking
Appointment: Best to make an appointment. The doctor sees outpatients on Monday afternoon, Wednesday morning and all day Friday. The circumcision can be scheduled on the same day.
Telephone: 02-2000-7090
Cost: W250,000 won without insurance
Website has information in English
Other: Local anesthesia with EMLA® cream is used.
K4E Note: The Cheil information update Oct 2016.

2.  EunHye Medical Center (은혜산부인과의원) 
Location: Seoul, Eunpyeong-gu,Daejo-dong 
Doctor: Dr. JANG Boo-Yong
Appointment: Possible to come on the day, but best to confirm doctor is available that day.
Telephone: 02-353-4307 (Korean-speaker may be needed)
Cost: W100,000 without insurance
Website in Korean only.
Other: Currently no anesthesia used (this could change, so best to ask when making appointment or on arrival). 

3. Gangnam Cha Hospital (강남차병원)
Location: Seoul, Gangnam-gu, 569 Nonhyon-ro - near Yeoksam subway station
Doctor: Dr. SONG Seung Hoon (Urologist)
Telephone:  02-3468-33413
Website has information in English
Other: Use general anesthesia. 

4. Samsung Medical Center (삼성의료원)
Location: Seoul, Gangnam-gu, 50, Ilwon-dong. Map and directions in English.
Doctor: Dr. BAEK Min-Gi 
Appointment: Meeting with doctor before the procedure may be required. Doctor's schedule Tuesday afternoon first week, Tue/Wed afternoon for 3rd~5th week.
Telephone number: 02-3410-2300
Website has information in English

5. Soon Chun Hyang International Clinic (순천향 대학교병원)
Location: Seoul, Yongsan-gu,  657, Hannam-dong
Telephone: 02-709-9158 (9058) English available
Website has some information in English and Spanish

K4E Editor: We try to provide as complete and accurate information as possible so if you note any errors or omissions above, please let us know at info@korea4expats.com. Our thanks to the mother and to the midwife who helped us get the above information for Seoul. If you are aware of where the procedure can be performed in cities elsewhere in Korea, please let us know.

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Last Updated on 2021-02-08

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