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Side Dishes - Translated

Side Dishes - Translated

Every Korean meal includes anywhere from 2 to 12 side dishes (banchan - 반찬). The most well-known is kimchi, of which there are over 100 varieties, but there are also hundreds of others side dishes that are not kimchi.
Side dishes served with alcohol have another name. These are called Anju (안주). 

반찬 (BANCHAN) side dishes accompanying a meal
조기 구이
(joh-gi-goo-i) – pan-fried yellow corvine (croaker-type fish)
간장게장 (gan-jang gye-jang) – crab marinated in soy sauce

떡갈비 (ddeok-galbi) – beef short-rib meat patties
불고기 (bool-goh-gi) – grilled marinated beef

탕평체 (tang-pyeong-chae) – mung bean jelly with vegetables
숙주나물 (sook-ju namool) – steamed mung bean sprouts
공나물 (gong namool) – steamed soy bean sprouts (sometimes spicy)

(mool-kimchi) – pickled, chinese cabbage with raddish slices in salt water (mildly spicy)
무나물 (moo-namool) – pickled, spicy daikon radish greens,
각두기(gak-doo-gi) – pickled spicy daikon radish cubes
백김치 (baek kim-chi) – pickled Chinese cabbage (not spicy)
무김치 (moo kim-chee) - pickled raddish with raddish greens
매실 김치 (mae-shil kim-chee) - pickled green plums
오이 김치 (oh-ee kim-chee) - pickled cuccumbers

계란찜 (gyae-ran-chim) – steamed scrambled egg
마늘쫑 (mah-neul jong) - garlic stems
도라지(doh-rah-jee) -  balloonflower
참나물 (cham-nah-mool) - pimpinella brachycarpa (same family as anise)
연근 (yeon-geun) - lotus root
생과일 (saeng gwah-il) - fresh fruit
땅콩 (dang-kong) - peanuts

안주 (ANJU) side dishes accompanying alcohol consumption.

 (Nakji bokkeum) - steamed squid with gochujang and somyeon (thin noodles)
오징어볶음 (ojingeo bokkeum) - pan-fried squid in gochujang sauce
오뎅 / 어묵   (odeng/eomuk) - fish cakes (often on a skewer),
소라 (sora) - a kind of shellfish popular in street food tents
낙지 (nakji) - small octopus

두부김치 (dubu kimchi) - tofu with kimchi

순대 (sundae aka soondae) - a kind of blood sausage
삼겹살 (samgyeopsal) - grilled pork belly, kind of bacon-like
돼지갈비 (dwejigalbi or daeji kalbi) - grilled spare ribs
족발 (jokbal) pig's feet served with a red fermented shrimp sauce (새우젓 - saeujeot)

K4E Note: This is nowhere near a complete list of the many varieties of banchan. If there are some in particular you would like to have added, please let us know via info@korea4expats.com

Last Updated on 2013-03-25

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