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Free Shuttle Bus to Busan

Free Shuttle Bus to Busan

The free shuttle bus service (Dynamic Line)  between Seoul and Busan is part of the Visit Korea Years 2010-2012 program. Foreign nationals are eligible for this service - some conditions apply. Free shuttle buses are also available for Gyeongju and Jeonju.

BUSAN is famous for its seafood and beaches. Ferry service available from Busan to Jeju Island and Japan.

REGISTRATION: To register for tickets on the shuttle buses go to the Visit Korea  website and under “Benefits of Korea Year” at the top click on “Free Shuttle Bus”. Select the date and destination for the shuttle bus you want to take. Fill in the application and submit it.

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1. The program targets international visitors and residents.
2. Reservations must be made 10 days in advance to guarantee a seat. Remaining unreserved seats will be allotted as they are available.
3. There is a limit of two tickets per applicant.
4. If there are more than 28 applicants for any given day, tickets are distributed by lottery. Notification will be sent 10 days prior to departure. Winners will be notified individually by telephone or e-mail.
5. All passengers are required to bring a valid passport to board the bus.

Seoul Departure 08:00 - Gwanghwamun (Donghwa Duty - Free Shop)
Busan Arrival 14:00- Lotte Hotel (Seomyeon) / 14:30 Paradise Hotel (Haeundae)

Busan Departure 16:00 - [Paradise Hotel (Haeundae) / 16:40 Lotte Hotel (Seomyeon)
Seoul Arrival 22:30 - Gwanghwamun (Donghwa Duty - Free Shop)

INFO:  For further information and assistance contact the shuttle bus call center at  02)1577-2507or
e-mail . See also the Visit Korea website for more details about the free shuttle and also to learn more about Gyeongju.

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