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The National tax services offers help desks, a hot-line, on-line and interpretation services for foreign taxpayers.

Foreign Taxpayer Service Desks:
These service desks provide one-stop tax services for foreign taxpayers in a number of district tax offices.
Seoul: all 24 district tax offices
Busan (Gyeongsangnam-do): Bukbusan, Busanjin, Changwon, Suyeong and Ulsan district tax offices.
Daegu (Gyeongsanbguk-do):  Gumi and SeoDaeju district tax offices.
Daejeon (chungcheongnam-do): Cheonan and Seodaejeon district tax offices.
Gwangju (Jeollanam-do): Mokpo and Seogwangju district tax offices.
Incheon (Gyeonggi-do): Ansan, Goyang, Incheon, Namincheon, Pyeongtaek, Seoincheon, Seongnam, Siheung, Suwon and Uijeongbu district tax offices.

Finding location of district tax offices: go to the NTS website.

NTS English Website:
The website provides information in English including a help desk corner in which foreign nationals can ask tax questions on-line.
'Check Your Monthly Withholding Tax' allows foreign taxpayers to calculate their monthly withholding taxes, in English.
'Automatic Calculation Service for Year-end Tax Settlement' allows foreign taxpayers to calculate their adjusted withholding tax for the year-end tax settlement, in English (and Chinese).
Booklets and forms including the 'Easy guide for Foreigners' Year-end Tax Settlement and the Individual Income Tax and Benefit Guide for Foreigners, are available for downloading, in English.

Finding location of district tax offices: go to the NTS website, click on Contact Your District Tax Officer under Help Desk. Click on the Province, then on the city until you see the office address and local map.

NTS Hotline - 1588-0560
Foreign taxpayers can obtain tax advice, in English, through the NTS hotline: 1588-0560. Note: K4E has received numerous complaints about the difficulties in contacting the NTS hotline so here are some additional options:
For more information or to ask specific questions, you can contact the NTS via:
- International Tax Resource Management Office of the NTS at 82-2-397-1444
- Foreign taxpayer advocate service - questions asked online   
- Seoul Regional Tax office at 02-2076-5711

Interpretation Service
Interpretation is now available in 18 languages at the National Tax Service - 
Arabic, Bengalese, Chinese, English, French, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Kmer, Mongolian, Myanmarese,  Nepalese, Russian, Spanish,  Sinhalese, Thai, Urdu, Vietnamese,
Tax offices offering the services include the NTS headquarters, 6 regional tax offices and distric tax offices (including the taxpayer service center. To chek which office has the service, visit the NTS website
→ Help Desk → Contact Your District Tax Office.
To request the service inform an official in the tax office that you need an interpreter. The request must be made in either Korean or English.

K4E Note: The above is based on information on the National Tax Service website. It is intended as general information only. For more details, readers should visit the NTS website.
Amendments to the tax laws/rules are often adopted in January of the year in which they will take effect. We do our best at K4E to ensure that the information we provide is accurate and up-to-date.  Should you note any errors or ommissions, please let us know at

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