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Info Sources for Police Checks for E2 Visas

Info Sources for Police Ch...

Following are some of the sources for police checks in the countries from which South Korea accepts ESL instructors. Please note that the cost information may no longer be current so you should check out the website for the most up-to-date fees and other details.

Time:  2~3 months  
Fee: (in AUS$)- depends on the extent of the check
i) Police Certificate based on an Australia-wide check of name only: $41.40
ii) Police Certificate based on an Australia-wide check of name and fingerprints: $146.70
iii)Police Certificate based on an Australia-wide check of name with ASIO security assessment - Ammonium Nitrate: $60.40*

Time:  5~6 months
Fee: (inCAN$) $25 + fingerprint fee *

New Zealand
Time:  2~3 months to receive copy of criminal record (NZ does not provide Certificates of Police Check)
Fee: no information given 

South Africa
Time: 14 days from the date received at the Criminal Records Center
Fee: (in Rand) 59 Rand

United Kingdom
Time: 10 days or more - NB At present, the UK authorities do not provide police clearance certificates. Applicants can however apply for a subject access reply under the Subject Access Provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998. This is accepted by most foreign authorities in the absence of any other facility. In addition to the UK government site, you can find a comprehensive DBS guide here.
Fee: (in UK pounds) 10 + fingerprint fee*

United States
Time: 5~6 months  
Fee: (in US$) 18 + fingerprint fee*

*Since Korean Immigration wants the forms sent directly to them (this may change or may not be the case in all circumstances), there may also be a postage fee added to the costs.

Editor's Note: tries to ensure that the information we provide is accurate and complete, so should you notice any errors or omissions in the content above please contact us at
Please note that government regulations and procedures may have changed from what has been described above or may not apply in all situations/cases. K4E recommends that you check with the appropriate government office and/or officials prior to going forward. 


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