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Mabijeong Mural Village

Mabijeong Mural Village

Mabijeong Village, a Farming Village with Mural Paintings  

Mabijeong Village, located at Hwawon-eup, Dalseonggun, has always been a farming village, not much different from other small rural villages in Korea. However, with the murals and renovation work being done there, Mabijeong Village has become famous nationwide. In fact, current estimates claim that well over 2,000 people visit this village every week to catch a glimpse of a more traditional time.

The name of the village, which roughly translated means "the pavilion where a horse flew" is derived from an old legend. According to the legend, one day, long ago, a general told his most cherished horse that he would kill him if he could not outrun an arrow shot from his bow. And so, to test the speed of the animal, the general shot an arrow far away to Mt. Apsan. The horse ran as fast as he could, but he could not catch up to the arrow and collapsed in the middle of the race. Then, as the general said he would, he killed the horse by cutting off its head. Many years later, village people built a pavilion on the site called "Mabijeong" to console the dead horse.

A pair of totem poles welcomes visitors to Mabijeong Village. These totem poles, each 5m high and 50cm wide were set up to ensure prosperity and development for the village. Like other traditional villages, several trees, very old and very big, stand in Mabijeong, keeping all the joys and sorrows of the
village people. These include a 100 year old Pyrus pyrifolia in the middle of the village, and a 60 year old lacquer tree at the back of the village, which stands a proud 15m tall and 1m wide.

Presently, the village is home to a total of 35 households that feature various kinds of murals painted on their walls. The murals beautifully accentuate the style of the houses and the atmosphere of the village, and provide a perfect backdrop for photographs, as well as a glimpse of village life as it was in the past. In addition to the murals, hands-on experience programs and places to buy local agricultural products are also being set up, along with walking trails that will allow visitors to take a scenic stroll
around the village. The murals show daily lives of Korea in 1960 to 1980s. The unique point of this mural village is traditional household items dangled from the wall paintings.

Mabijeong is still just a small farming village where people can appreciate the charms of a slower-paced life in this busy and all too westernized society. Menus are a bit limited, but the food offered at the village restaurants and the agricultural goods produced locally, more than make up for the lack of

GETTING THERE: To visit Mabijeong Village, you will first need to get to the entrance of the village and then walk for about 15 minutes.  Address: Bolli-2ri, Hwawon-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea.
Dalseong 2 bus is a branch line, you may take it from the Sangin-dong area, or from the Sangin or Daegok subway stations.
1. After getting off at Daegok Station(Subway line No.1), take the first exit and then walk until you see a bus stop.
2. Transfer to Dalseong2 at the bus stop and get off at Bolli2-ri bus stop, the last stop of the bus.

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Mabijeong Mural Village
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