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Discounts-Reward with Point or Tax Cards

In Korea, point cards are a common way to save money and earn rewards when shopping. Most shops around the country, department stores, movie theatres, restaurant, even ice cream stores, etc, offer some form of point card for their customers. The majority of Koreans carry a number of different point cards – they are free to get and offer a lot of savings and rewards.

Using a point card allows you to get discounts on certain purchases, to receive free products, etc. Members – point card holders – are often offered special discounts on a wide-range of services, receive information about promotion campaigns, etc.

Most of the chains, etc. offer point cards that can be used in a variety of locations for special discounts. Smaller shops and restaurants also offer ‘stamp’ cards that are stamped when you make a purchase, thus eventually earning a free item. In some venues, you can use both a point card and a stamp card. This is not uncommon in coffee shop chains such as Dunkin’ Donut for example. Some shops in a chain sometimes have a stamp card that is for use in that specific shop only or in that area (Itaewon only).

Getting your point or stamp card is relatively simple. For the latter, just ask and you’ll be handed a card that will reflect your current purchase. For the point cards, you’ll usually have to fill out a form of some kind – generally in Korea, but staff are usually very helpful in showing you where to put your name, address, telephone number, etc. Some will ask for an ID number as well.

In this section is information on the requirements and benefits of a number of different types of point cards including:
Bookstore Point Cards
Cinema-Movie Theatres Point Cards
Department Stores Point Cards
Happy Point Card
Mobile (phone) Membership Cards: KT, LG and SK
OK Cashbag
Cash Receipt Card

Note: Having the card does not always mean that you are fully a member. For some point cards, you have to register online to activate your membership. You'll want to ensure that you have entered the correct number from your card as that is the only reference that will be recognised. If you have not activated your membership, you will not be able to use the  points you’ve accumulated. K4E has included this information, but it would be best if you checked when applying for or receiving your point card. Note that some of the websites recognise only Korean citizen's numbers so that if you have an Alien Registration Number, you will not be able to register on that site or receive any of the frequent customer benefits.

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Last Updated on 2011-06-20

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