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Pre-natal Care Discount Voucher

Pre-natal Care Discount Vo...

Korea offers a health care discount program for pregnant women - expats included. To qualify, however, you must be enrolled in the National Health Insurance system.

Kook Min Hang Bok Card (국민행복카드) 
The Kook Min Hang Bok Card (National Happiness Card), was introduced to combine different vouchers and to be used under one card. Currently, there are about 10 national vouchers  available for Kook Min Hang Bok Card and the Ministry of Health and Welfare may add more in future. There is no annual fee associated with this card and the cardholder will be able to receive the benefits and discounts that each credit card company offers. The card comes with 3 options: a credit card, a cheque card, or a special card for those who have difficulties being issued a credit or a cheque card.

Benefits of the pregnancy voucher
a. The voucher entitles you to a maximum subsidy of W60,000 per checkup per day up to a total sum of W500,000. If pregnant with twins or triplets, the maximum subsidy is increased to W700,000. The money is transferred on to the Kook Min Hang Bok card.  
b. Benefits and discounts will vary depending on which card company (BC, Lotte, or Samsung) you choose. The subsidy (a) remains the same, however.  
You can use the money to pay for pregnancy health related expenses such as check-ups and medication.  For example, rather than having to pay for a test that normally costs W230,000 - W300,000, the Kookmin Hangbok card will reduce your cost to around W60,000-W100,000.  

Where to get the pregnancy voucher*
BC card:  IBK Industrial Bank, NH, Daegu Bank, Busan Bank , Gyeongnam, Woori Card, Post Office
Lotte card: Lotte Card Service center, Lotte Department Store Card Center
Samsung card: Shinsegae Department Store Service Center, Samsung card service centre

*The websites of all 3 cards are in Korean only. Online applications (in Korean) possible for the Lotte and Samsung cards, but not for the BC card.  Currently, these are the only 3 sources, but to find out if there are more later, you can visit this site (Korean only).

Requirements to apply for the pregnancy voucher
1. You must be enrolled in the National Health Insurance system and pregnant to apply for the Kookmin Hanbok Card. If you are not enrolled personally but are on a 'family'plan, you will need some additional documents (see below).
2. Request this document from your doctor (건강보험 출산 전 진료비 지원신청 및 임신확인서 / geongangboheom chulsan jeon jinlyobi jiwonsincheong mich imsinhwag-inseo), which is an application form for financial support during pregnancy and childbirth. The form will include your details and due date, and also the doctor’s signature. (Note that all clinics, including the international clinics and OB/GYN specialists are aware of this form and of the discount program).
3.  Once you have obtained the application form, visit your nearest post office, bank, or National Health Insurance office and apply for the pregnancy voucher.
4. In addition to the application form from the doctor, you will also have to have the following documents with you when you apply: your ARC (alien registration card), passport, NHC card. If you are registered as a family, especially if you are foreign, you may be asked to show proof of marriage (which may need to be translated into Korean and notarized). If you are applying for the card at a bank at which you have an account bring your bank book; if not, the bank will open a new account for you.
5. The process of getting the card usually takes one visit (if you have all required documents) and it is mailed to your within a couple of days. 
6. The Kookmin Hanbok Card can be used up to 60 days after the 'estimated due date' provided by the doctor on the application form.

INFO: If you need further information, call NHIC at 1577-1000 or 02-390-2000 (English Helpline).

K4E Editor: Korea4Expats.com tries to ensure that the information we provide is accurate and complete, so should you notice any errors or omissions in the content above please contact us at info@korea4expats.com.

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