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Public Libraries - Seoul

Public Libraries - Seoul

Following is a list of some of the public librairies and reading rooms in Seoul. Note that not all allow foreign residents/visitors to use and/or borrow books.

Name of Library Closed Telephone    Location
Dobong Library 2nd/4th Wed 906-2668 Ssangmoondong,Dobong
Dongdaemun Library  2nd/4th Wed 2254-1845 Sinseoldong, Dongdaemun
Dongjak Library 2nd/4th Fri 823-6418 Noryangjin2dong,Dongjak
Eunpyong Library# 2nd/4th Tue 385-1671 Bulgwang2dong, Eunpyong
Gangnam Library 1st/3rd Wed 3448-4744 Samseong Stn, Gangnam
Gangdong Library 1st/3rd Thur 483-0178 Gil-dong, Gangdong
Gangseo Library 1st/3rd Fri 2653-1231 Deungchon-dong
Gaepo Library 2nd/4th Thurs   3462-1987 Gaepodong, Gangnam
Gocheok Library 2nd/4th Wed 2615-0526 Gochukdong, Gangdong
Godeok Library 2nd/4th Mon 426-2018 Godukdong, Gangdon
Guro Library 1st.3rd Wed 861-6493 Guro-5dong, Guro
Jongdok Library* 1st/3rd Wed 2100-6779 Hwadong, Jongno
Jongno Library 2nd/4th Mon 737-1703 Sajikdong, Jongno
Namsan Library*# 1st/3rd Mon 754-8195 Hoamdong,Yongsan
Seodaemun Library* 1st/3rd Tue 396-3158 Yeonhui3dong, Seodaemun
Songpa Library 2nd/4th Tue 404-7914 Songpa
Yangchun Library 1st/3rd Thur 2643-3806  
Yongsan Library 2nd/4th Tue 754-3439 Hoamdong, Yongsan
Children's Library 1st/3rd Mon 736-8912 Sajikdong, Jongno
KCFC Library - closed      
Natl Assembly Library  2nd/4th Sat    788-4143 Yeoidodong,Yeoungdeungpo
Natl Library of Korea 2nd/4th Mon 590-0513 Banpodong, Seocho
Mapo Public Library  2nd/4th Mon 3141-4765 Mapo-gu
Ahyon Branch 2nd4th Mon 362-1809 Ahyeon1dong, Mapo
Yeongdeungpo 2nd/4th Mon 2676-8884 Dangsandong,Yeongdeungpo
Junggye 2nd/4th Mon. 979-1743 Junggyedong, Nowon-gu

* Librairies non-Koreans can use. For more, see Librairies Expats Can Use in this section.

# Website has information in English.

K4E Editor: Korea4Expats want to provide the most accurate and complete information possible, so if you notice an error or omission in the contents above, or if you know of other children's libraries that can be use by foreign nations - in Seoul or elsewhere in Korea, please contact us at

Photo: Jeongdok Public Library, Seoul


Last Updated on 2021-02-08

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