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Public Transport Discount Cards - City Pass and T-money Cards

Public Transport Discount ...

The Seoul City Pass Card offers discount options for short-term visitors while the T-money card is the preferred option of Seoul city residents.

holders can ride up to 20 times in one day on Seoul buses and subways, regardless of distance, for a set fee, as well as on the Seoul City Tour Buses, which run past all the major palaces, tourist sights and shopping areas in the city. The Seoul City Pass Card also earn the holder a discount at various tourist spots in the city and is good for a 20% on the night view course of the Seoul City Tour Bus.
Note: This card can only be purchased at Incheon International Airport and you will be required to show a valid foreign passport.

The SEOUL CITY PASS expires at 24:00 on the final day of validity.

Prices for the SEOUL CITY PASS card are shown below:
One-day Pass: W15,000 good for 20 bus/subway rides and one-day without limits City Tour Bus
Two-day Pass: W25,000 good for 20 bus/subway rides each day (total 40 transit rides) and two-days without limits City Tour Bus
Three-day Pas: W35,000 good for 20 bus/subway rides each day (total 60 transit rides) and three-days without limits City Tour Bus

NOTE: Once purchased, the card is non-refundable. However, malfunctioning cards will be exchanged for a card of the same type at the place of purchase. Only one person can use a single SEOUL CITY PASS CARD. (It is non-transferable). You can re-activate the card anytime within one  year of the date of purchase.

The CITY PASS PLUS CARD is a new, flexible version of the city pass card. The CITY PASS PLUS CARD has an unlimited validity, and can be 'charged' with an amount of your choice (up to 500,000 Won). Money is then deducted from the card when used at a rate that is a little cheaper than the standard public transport cost. Purchase of the card requires a one off payment of 3000 Won; you are then free to add money to it as you please. The CITY PASS PLUS CARD is valid in Seoul as well as in a number of other major cities and districts:
Subway: Seoul, Geyonggi, Incheon and Chunan
Bus: Seoul, Gyeonggi, Incheon, Jeju, Pohang, Geojae, Tongyoung, Andong
Taxi: Seoul only
Seoul City Tour Bus: Seoul only.

The CITY PASS PLUS CARD can be used for all the activities available with the City Pass Card, and additionally to pay for taxis, buy products from vending machines, access the internet and even buy products from some well known stores in Seoul – vendors who accept the card display the T-money logo. Using the card for the Seoul City Bus Tour will earn the holder a 5% discount on the standard fare.

The following locations accept payment using the CITY PASS PLUS CARD”*
Convenience Stores: GS25, Family Mart, Ministop, 7Eleven….
Franchises: Kyobo Book Store, Lotte World, PC Bang (IT café)
Vending Machines: Vending machines/automatic lockers at subway stations
*not all of the stores in these chains accept the card so look for the T-money logo.

To recharge your card, visit any of the following locations displaying the T Money symbol and simply hand over your card and the amount you wish to add to it. If you wish to reclaim money remaining on your card,  you can also do so in these locations – there will be a handling fee of W500.
Following are some of the Service Agents:
Recharge: Subway Ticket Offices, Convenience Stores and other T-money franchise members where the T-money sticker is displayed.
Refund: Convenience Stores including GS25, FamilyMart, Ministop….
Card Replacement: Convenience Stores including GS25, Family Mart, Ministop, 7-Eleven….

The T-MONEY CARD  is a rechargeable smart card that can be used to pay public transit fares (bus, underground, taxi) as well as purchases in designated areas. For more information on the t-money card, cick here.

Inquiries re any of the above:
Re the T-money website, inquiries regarding the above T-money and Pass cards can be made at 02-2288-7600 (from K4E’s experience, you will likely need a Korean speaker to help you with any inquiries at this number – you may also want to avoid calling on a pre-paid cell phone at the risk of losing most of your minutes during the long waits as they either search for an English-speaker or search for the answer to simple questions.)



K4E Editor's Note: wants to provide you with as complete and accurate information as possible, so should you find any errors or omissions in the contents above please let us know at


Last Updated on 2015-03-17

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