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Recycling Centers, Seoul

Recycling Centers, Seoul

The following 'gu' (municipalities) recycling centers will college re-useable items at no charge (or for a small fee). You'll want to check regarding large items. Telephone numbers and website address below are Korean-only so you may need help from a Korean-speaker.

The centers sell what they collect so they're great places to check out if you're looking for used household goods.

Dobong-gu Recycle Center
: Tel. 02-906-8272. Location: Dobong Station line #1, get off at Nambuyeok, located at Dobong Station 1st floor.
Dobong-gu Junggo Recycle Center: Tel. 1544-7054. Location: Meokgol Station line #7, exit 1, 10min walk.

Dongdaemun-gu 1st Recycle Center:
Tel. 02-2243-7282, 2213-8272. Location: Janganpyeong Station line #5 near Hanmaeum church.
Dongdaemun-gu 2nd Recycle Center: Tel. 02-2242-7282. Location: Cheongnyangni Station exit  2. Take bus #2237 and get off at Jeonnong-1-dong office.
Dongdaemun-gu 3rd Recycle Center: Tel. 02-2216-4303. Location: Janganpyeong Station line #5, exit 2. Next to Geomgang Amium Apt.

Dongjak Recycle
: Tel 02-822-7289 / 822-7282. Location:  Sindaebangsamgeori Station line #7 exit 4. Walk straight about 150m - near Daerim Elementary School.
Korea Total Junggo: Tel. 02-581-6772. Location:  Sillim Station line #2, exit 7. Take local bus #3 and get off at Eunpyeon-gilipgu.   

Eunpyeong-gu Recycle Center (Eungam):Tel. 02-389-7282. Location: Eungam Station exit 3 - 10.min walk to near Seobu Hospital.
Eunpyeong-gu Recycle Center (Susaek) :Tel. 02-372-8272, Susaek Station line #6 exit 5. Take buses 7025 or 7021 and get off at Enpyeong Garage (Enpyeong Cha Go Ji).

Gangbuk-gu Recycle Center: Tel. 02-987-8272. Location: Suyu Station Line #4 exit 6. Take bus #1119 (in the direction of the 4.19 Monument). Get off at  Suyu 2 dong office. Walk in the opposite direction about 30m.
Recycle City: Tel. 02-992-8425. Location: Suyu Station on line #4, exit 7. Take bus # 1119 and get off at Seongsil Church. Walk straight ahead about 200m. 

Green Recycle Center: Tel. 02-470-8230. Location: Duncheon Station line #5, exit 4. Walk straight ahead 20m and turn left at the first corner; then walk straight ahead about 100m.
RecycleCity: Tel. 02-426-7282 Location: Godeok Station line #5 exit4. 

Gangnam-gu Recycle Center: Tel. 02-501-7157. Location:  Seolleung Station line #2 exit 5. Walk about 15 min.
Gangnam Recycle: Tel. 02-584-9900. Location:Seolleung Station on line #2 exit 2. Walk straight ahead about 250m; turn left at Doseong  Elementary School crossroads and walk straight about 200m. 

Banghwa Recycle Center: Tel. 02-2666-7262. Location Songjeong Station line #5 exit 2. Take bus #6631and get off at  the Semin Information Technology High School.
Deungchon Recycle Center:Tel. 02-3661-8272. Location: Balsan Station  line#5 exit 5. Take bus #161, #601 or #605 and get off at the Deungchon Middle School & Information Culture Center.
Hwagokbon-dong: Tel. 02-2602-0505. About a 5-min walk from the Hwagok Station line #5 exit 2. 

Doksan Recycle
: Tel. 02-863-7282. Location: Guro Digital Complex on line #2 exit 1. Ttake bus #5619 and get off at Gwanak Nonghyup Doksan Jiso. 
Geumcheon gu Recycle: Tel. 02-802-7282. Location: Siheung Station line #1. Take bus #04. Get off at Gemcheongu Office. Walk in the direction to go to Anyang for about 100m. The center is  across from Crystal Buffet .
Shiheung Recycle: Tel. 02-808-8090. Location:  Siheung Station on line #1. Ttake bus #04 and get off at Geumcheon-gu Office. Cross from the crosswalk in front of the Gumcheon-gu Office heading toward HomePlus then turn right. At the GS Gas Stat;ion,  turn left.

Gurogu Recycle Center: Tel. 02-858-8272. Location: Guro Station line #1 exit 1, center is near Ilshin Kunyoung Apt.
Guro-gurecyclecenter (Cheonwang-dong):Tel. 02-2683-4459. Location: Gwangmyung Saguri Station line #7, exit 6. Walk straight ahead about 500m; the center is near the SK Nambu gas Station. 

Dongjak Recycle Center:
Tel: 02-822-7282 /822-7289. Location: Sindaebang Samgeori Station line #7 exit 4-> walk straight 150m.   
Gwanak Recycle Center: Tel:  02)884-7289. Location:  Sillim Station line # 2 exit 8.

Gwangjingu Recycle Center: Tel. 02-497-7272. Location: About a 5-min walk from Guui Station line #2 exit 4.
Junggo Dept.: Tel. 02-979-5544. Location: About a 10-min walk from Meokgol Station line #7. The recycling center is in the Gongamdae Apt. Shopping Arcade.  

Jongno Recycle Center: Tel. 02-762-7289. Location: Jongno3 ga Station  line #1, exit 1, between  Tapgol Park and the Jongno-2-ga police box.

Junggu Recycle: Tel. 02-2235-0890. Location: Cheonggu Station line #3. Walk about 20 meters in the direction of Yaksudong about 20m - about a one-minute walk.

Mapogu Recycle Center (Mangwon): Tel. 02-337-7272. Location: Hapjeong Station line #2 exit 1and take bus #16 . Get off at Won-gwang Yutong - the center is accross the way.  
Mapogu Sinchon Recycle Center: Tel. 02-713-7289. Location: Shinchon Station  line #2 exit 7. Take bus # 11 or #12 near Korea Exchange Bank across from Grandmart and get off at Sujeong Sauna. Seoul Recycle Center (Sinchon): Tel. 02-790-8049. Location: Sinchon Station line #2, exit 5. Walk straight ahead about 150m, center is near the front entrance of the Kyobo Building.

Nowongu Recycle Center 1: Tel. 02-974-7282. Location: About a 5-min walk from Hagye Station line #7 exit 3.
Nowon Recycle Center 2: Tel. 02-933-8289. Location: A 10-min walk from Sanggye Station line #4, exit 1 or 4. 

Jungnang-gu Recycle Center: Tel. 02-435-7272. Location: About a 5-min walk from Sagajeong Station  line #7 exit 1.  ②Junghwa Recycle Center: 02)438-5966, Junghwa Station line #7 exit 2->walk straight ahead in the direction of Myeonmok-dong about 5 min, located by overpass.

Seocho 1st Recycle Center: Tel. 02-571-7272. Location: Yangjae Station line #3 exit 7. Take  bus # 08 and get off at ‘Kyo Yuk Munhwa Haekwan Hu mun.
Seocho 2nd Recycle Center: Tel. 02-581-8272. Location: Gangnam Station line #2 exit 4. Walk  5~6 min. The recycling center is next to the Chilsung Cider B/D.

Hyundae Recycle Center:
Tel. 020-3217-3016. Location: Jeungsan Station line #6 exit l. Turn right at Bukgajwa Sageori and walk straight ahead 100m.
Seodaemun-gu Recycle Center: Tel. 02-394-8272. Location: Hongje Station line #3. Take bus #09 or #10 and get off at Hanmaum Mart. 

Seongbuk Recycle (Jeongneng): Tel. 02-942-7289. Location: Gileum Station line #4 exit 3. Take  bus #1114 or #06 and get off at Jeongneng-4-dong Community Center (Jumin Center).
Seongbuk Recycle (Sangwolgok-dong): Tel. 02-941-8272. Location: Sangwolgok Station line #6 exit 4. 

Seongdong-gu Recycle Center: Tel. 02-2298-8272. Location: Oksu Station #3 exit 4. Take bus #1 and get off at the next stop (Musoemak).  

Recycle City: Tel. 02-414-8425. Location: Songpa Station line #8 exit 4.
Songpa Recycle Center: Tel. 02-418-4911. Location: About a 2-mn walk from Geoyeo Station, exit 3,. 

Yangcheon-gu Recycle Center (Mokdong): Tel. 02-2651-2582. Location: Mokdong Station line #5 exit 5. Walk  500 m toward Mokdong Apt. Complex 8,80.  
Yangcheon-gu Recycle Center (Shinwol): Tel. 02-2691-8945.
Yangcheon-gu Recycle Center (Seobu) :Tel. 02-2605-0028. Location: Gaebong Station line #1, exit . Take bus # 651 or 652 and off at Gangsin Middle School. The recycling center is next to Ssangyong Motor.

Seoul Yeongdeungpo Recycle: Tel. 02-2636-7289. Location: Singil Station line #1 exit 5. 
Yeongdengpo-gu 1st Recycle Center: Tel. 02-2632-7289. Yeongdengpo gu Office Station line #2 exit 2. Located across from back gate of  the Yeongdengpo-gu office. .

Recycle City: Tel. 02-716-8425. Location:  Sukmyeong Women’s Univ. Station line #4 exit 10. Walk straight about 5-10 min. 
Yongsan Recycle Center: Tel. 02-797-3662. Location: Noksapyeong Station line #6, exit 2. Walk straight until the underground passage to cross the street. Go up the stairs on the left. At the corner, turn right heading up Hyatt Hill. The center is on the left just past the car dealership. About a 5-10 min walk.

K4E Editor: Korea4Expats tries to give the most complete and accurate information possible. So if you notice that any of the information on this page is out-of-date or incorrect, please let us know at info@korea4expats.com.

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