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Postal rates in Korea are very competitive and the service is generally very reliable. Mail is usually delivered directly to your home/office address Monday through Saturday in most areas. Postal workers can figure out addresses written in English. Note: the image above does not reflect current costs.

Addresses in Korea are the reverse of the Western order and read as follows:
CountryCity and Postal Code
Gu (district office)Dong (ward)StreetBuilding/Unit number
Name of Recipient
However, both systems work in Korea. A letter addressed to you in English and following the western format will almost certainly reach you.

Street Address Confusion in Seoul: for the past number of years, the city has been assigning new street addresses to buildings. Previously, buildings ina particular were numbered based on when they were built, which can be somewhat confusing in a large urban area in modern times. Around the year 2000, the city began re-numbering buildings so that they would be sequential and would have odd numbers on one side of a street and even numbers on the other. Streets that had none were given names and signs started to go up giving the name of the streets. However, the process has been a long one, and you'll see city number plaques on buildings (commercial and residential) but somewhere else, written by hand or or individual plques, there will be the 'old' number. These number may be 'old' but they are the ones still in use and although the postal service is, according the city government officials, expected to deliver mail to both options, generally using the new one can result in undelivered mail. 
2017 Update: The conversion to the new addresses is now complete, however the postal service still generally recognises the old address system since many people/businesses are still using them.

Mailboxes are red and present everywhere. They are easily recognized by the universal mail symbol. You can mail a litter, a postcard or small package from the mailboxes as long as they have the correct/adequate postage.

Packaging services are available in many post offices. You can bring the things you want to mail directly to the post office and they will box and wrap them for you. If you prefer to box your mail yourself, the post office will provide boxes of the 5 different sizes they accept at a competivie price. Some people who are not shipping their possessions via a container often post their belongings home because of the cost and convenience. The post offices offer free bubble, tape, glue, etc. to help you in your packaging. (if you use the more expensive but quickest option, EMS, the post office will pick up your boxes at no extra charge). See International Parcel Service below for links to rates, etc.
Maximun Box sizes: Longest length : <=1.05m / Longest length + circumference <= 2.0m
Note that if you are sending your packages other than by EMS/air there is no pick-up service.

Postage is determined by weight. Korean stamps generally do not have glue on the back. You have to apply the glue before affixing the stamp to the envelope or package.

International Parcel Service: You'll find a detailed list of rates (in English) for Korea Post's international parcel service on their website (click on International Mail).  The rates are determined by a number of factors including the destination country. Under International Mail, you'll find information on zone rates in English as well. You have three options that vary in terms of cost and delivery time - EMS, Air Mail and Surface Mail. 
Note: the image above does not reflect current prices.

Postal Code Finder: Zip Codes/Postal Codes, as of August 2015, are 5 digits. Until then, they were generally 6 digits (3 digits on each side of a hyphen. Note that even today you will find addresse listings that still use the old postal code system.
To find the postal code for a specific address click on the Korea Post website or on the following links: Road Name Address or Land-Lot Number Address.. You'll just have to put it in the name of the Metropolitan Area (ie Seoul), the District (ie Gangnam) and the Street and number. As long as you have the street address, you'll find the postal code. (Note: if the link doesn't work, just click on http://www.koreapost.go.kr and then on English. On the English page look for Postal Code Finder. Note that you will have to have the exact same spelling of the street as the post office uses in English (easiest if you can put the address in Korean - if not, trying a few permutations should work).

Additional information links:
Express Mail Service 
ePOST Shipping 
Smart Phone Service

For more information on the Post Office, click here or call 1300.

K4E Note: We try to provide information that is as complete and accurate as possible. However, should you notice any errors or omissions on this page, please let us know at info@korea4expats.com

Last Updated on 2018-06-06

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