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Shopping Areas, Seoul

Shopping Areas, Seoul

Apgujeondong-dong, located south of the Han River, is home to many high-end boutiques earning it the name ‘Seoul’s Rodeo Drive’. Luxurious fashion stores, spas and salons as well as many trendy restaurants and night spots are located in this area. This is where you will young 20 something Koreans driving luxury foreign sports cars, etc. 

Insa-dong is a cobblestone side street in downtown Seoul that is a must-visit area for visitors and expat residents alike. The street is restricted to pedestrians-only on Sundays. The main street can be walked in about 15 minutes, but it’s truly worthwhile to explore the various side streets and alleyways. Insa-dong shops offer souvenirs, handmade paper and gift cards, exquisitely patterned celadon and the classic white porcelain of the Chosun Dynasty, as well as paintings, metal artwork, jewelry, wooden artifacts, traditional masks, earthenware, lacquerware and art supplies. Beautiful clothing made from Korean silks, linens and cottons – both traditional and modern – can be found in many of the boutiques.  Insa-dong also boasts many art galleries, traditional teahouses, coffeehouses and restaurants.

Itaewon-dong has a long history of being one of the first places where foreign tourists shop. Souvenir shops and clothing/shoe stores line the main street as do vendor carts. Antique/Reproduction and tailor shops abound. Itaewon is a god place to buy handbags and suitcases A variety of restaurants both on and off the main street serve a wide range of cuisines.  Itaewon is also the center for Seoul’s Muslim community given that the city’s only Mosque is located there. 

Myeong-dong is located in central Seoul, not far frommun. This is where many of the city’s youth come to shop for the latest trends in clothing/shoes, cosmetics, accessories, etc. The narrow alleyways off the main street are for pedestrian traffic only.

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