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Shopping 4 Mom and Baby

Shopping 4 Mom and Baby

Shopping for maternity clothes and some (Western-style) baby items in Korea can present something of a challenge. However, they are becoming more and more available on the Korean market, albeit at higher prices than what you may find in your home country.

1) Clothing

- There are maternity shops at the Dongdaemun market, close to all hospitals and even inside some of them.
- There are maternity shops near Chail Hospital in Yeoksam (a popular maternity hospital).
- Doota has a maternity section.
- All large department stores have a small maternity section. These tend to me more expensive, however. Repordely , Lotte Department Store in Myungdong has a large maternity boutique on the 4th Floor, near the lingerie section, next to ELLE.tment Store (MYUNGDONG), on the 4th floor; near the lingerie section, next to ELLE (apparentlly they stock a French brand called PRENATAL - cost for pants, ~W150,000).
- Some on-line shopping malls such as g-market have maternity clothes (and baby items). However, even those that have some English, are primarily in Korean.
- The difficulty lies in finding maternity clothing that fit non-Asian body-types.
- The average cost of maternity pants are reportedly around W150,000.
- Newborn (0-3 months) clothing can be almost impossible to find as most Korean mothers do not take their children outside until the baby is at least 100 days old.

2) Equipment/Furnishings

- Western-style strollers, cribs, etc. are now quite common in Korea, but they remain quite expensive.
- Disposable diapers are now available in almost all supermarkets and the prices are comparable to that in other countries.
- Cloth diapers are a little pricier and harder to find than they were.
- Diapers are also available for online delivery retailers, but the price is significantly higher.
- Car seats are available, but can be very expensive.

3) Following are some alternative options

- Purchase smaller and particularly difficult items such as maternity bathing suits or breast pumps,  from eBay and have packaged as used/undervalued items (still may end up paying duty, however).
- For large items such as cribs, baby swings, strollers, highchairs, etc., networking through other women in Korea by taking to mothers in the various women's clubs, joining a chain of giving or by posting a list of what you need or are offering on the korea4expats.com Forum.  
- Family and friends can send maternity and baby clothing and small items from home.
- If you shop online from overseas stores such as www.motherhood.com or www.jcpennys.com, make sure your order comes to less than $150.00.

Blog for Moms: 
Some expat women have created a blog for moms. To get on the blog contact: expatmomsclub@gmail.com.

K4E Editor: We try to make the information on Korea4Expats.com as complete and accurate as possible, so if you notice any errors or omissions in the content above, please let us know at info@korea4expats.com.

Last Updated on 2015-04-04

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