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Yongsan-gu Communityn Centers

Yongsan-gu Communityn Centers

The various district offices in Seoul operate community centers that provide a number of services for the community including in some locations, swimming pools, gyms, various kinds of fitness, arts & crafts, cooking, etc. classes, rental facilities, and lots more. 

Foreign residents can use the services provided, however the information provided is generally in Korean-only. In some centers, you may find staff who can speak English and who are willing to explain what's on offer. Classes will be conducted in Korean.

Access to a number of city programe are also available through the district community centers.

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(Korean: Yongsan-Gu Goomin HoeGwan 용산구 구민회관)

Location: 63-379, 3rd Avenue , Hangang-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
Subway - Walk straight for 2 minutes after exciting from gate 1 of Ichon Station (stop 430).

Facilities: Great Hall (744 Seats, theater style), Small Hall (160 Seats, Only for weekdays), Choir Room (No chairs), Wedding Hall (160 Seats, Only for weekends)

Programs: Wedding Ceremonies and variety of free cultural events

Rental Costs (subject to change)
Great Hall – 130,000won for weekday - 3pm
(Additional 50,000won for weekend of use, 25,000won for night of use, 30,000won for each additional hour of use)
Small Hall - 50,000won for weekday - 3pm
(Additional 12,500 won for night of use, 10,000 for each additional hour of use)
Choir Room - 30,000won for weekday 3pm
(Additional 7,500won for night of use, 6,00won for each additional hour of use)
Wedding Hall – 50,000won (1 hour)
(Everything apart from the venue should be reserved individually)

Contact: Tel: 02)749-5316 / Fax: 02)796-6289 (may be Korean-only speaker)

Website: Korean only

(Korean: Yongsan-Gu Moonhwa Cheyuk Center 용산구 문화 체육 센터)

Location: 19-2 Moonbae-dong, Yongsan-Gu, Seoul
Subway - Walk straight for about 4 minutes after exciting from gate 9 of Samgakji Station (stop 428)
Buses – 110, 152, 262, 503, 730, 0015, 0016, 203, 730

Facilities: Swimming Pool, Fitness Club, Gym,

Programs: Swimming/Fitness Club/Cultural Class/Multipurpose Class

Costs: Differs from program to program (Check the website for specific details)

Contact: Tel – 02)707-2394  Fax – 02)707-2395 (may be Korean-only speaker)

Website: Korean only

K4E Note: We try to be as accurate and up-to-date as possible, but should we slip, please send us the accurate information at Your help will be much appreciated.

Photo: from Yongsan-gu Sports Center website - swimming class


Last Updated on 2021-09-24

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