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Saturday Gugak Concert, 9 Jan - 18 Dec 2021, National Gugak Center, Seocho-gu, Seoul

DATE: Every Saturday, 9 January to 18 December 2021
TIME: 3pm - 4.10pm
COST: A: W20,000 / B: W10,000
VENUE: National Gugak Center, Umyeondang, 2364, Nambusunhwanno (700 Seocho-dong), Seocho-gu, Seoul

DESCRIPTION: Experience the best Korean traditional performing arts! 'Saturday Gugak Concert - Extraordinary Encounter with Korean Classics' is the best guide to Korean traditional performing arts. Whether you are new to gugak (traditional Korean music) or an avid lover of gugak, this concert will offer you a memorable experience of arts and class - more than you could ever imagine.

TICKETS:  Click here for tickets

DIRECTIONS: By subway: Alight at Bangbae Station (Line No. 2), Exit No. 1. Take the shuttle bus Seocho No. 7/15/17 to the National Gugak Center.

Alight at Naebang Station (Line No. 7), Exit No. 3. Take the shuttle bus Seocho No. 7/15 to the National Gugak Center.

Alight at Nambu Terminal Station (Line No. 3), Exit No. 5. Take the shuttle bus Seocho No. 22 to the National Gugak Center.

INFO: 02-580-3300 or for help getting more information in English, please call KTO's 02-1330 helpline.

Please visit: https://www.gugak.go.kr/site/program/performance/detail?menuid=001001001001&performance_id=19529

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