Year of the Golden Pig

by M.L. Lee, 23/01/2019

The 12th (last) animal in the Korean Zodiac, the pig is a symbol of fortune in many Asian countries, including Korea. This coming year is seen as being especially potentially prosperous because it calculated to be the “Year of the Golden Pig”, which comes around every 60 years.  The calculation is based on the sexagenary cycle, also known as the Stems-and-Branches that combines a color and an animal, which this year works out to be yellow and pig, giving us the Year of the Golden Pig. 

Since both gold and pig represent wealth and abundance it’s hoped that 2019 will be a happier and more prosperous year than we’ve seen in some time. This is especially true for people who were born in 1959 as they are turning 60 (a propitious age in Korea) in the year of the golden pig. People born in the year of the golden pig are expected to have a life of greater fortune and wealth so some are expecting the birth rate in Korea to go up this year.

For a number of reasons, including their fecundity, the pig often represents abundance and good fortune. Traditionally, and still to some extent today, the celebration of the opening of a new business features a pig’s head stuffed with money. In the past the custom was part of the ritual of moving into a new house or buying a new car. You will still find boiled pig heads in traditional markets. The more smiley the pig the better. The head is placed on a table amid a variety of dishes and guests stick cash – in multiple of W10,000 into the mouth and ears as a gift for the new owner.

People born in the Year of the Pig are known to have the propitiousness of the times. With their driving force, they tend to venture forward to their goal even in the face of danger. Though not wasteful spenders, they will let themselves enjoy life. They love entertainment and treat everyone warmly. They are energetic and are always enthusiastic, even for boring jobs. If given the chance, they will take positions of power and status.

Korea4Expats wishes all our visitors a Happy and Prosperous Year of the Golden Pig!

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