It's Just a Spring Clean for the May Queen - HBC May Fest

by DEELEEBOB Music - HBC Festival, 25/05/2018

This is the 13th year of the Hae Bang Chon music festival and a testament to the endurance of the longest running independent music fest (No Corporate Sponsors). The definitive expat and international music fest in Korea. Made up entirely of independent music artists and performers from Korea and a host of other countries. replica watches

Some interesting changes are being made to the Hae bang Chon area at this moment. A city plan for street revitalization and installing sidewalks is coming to the area. This may indeed make it easier to traverse the HBC area without walking in the street. As well it will do away with the “crowd in the street” effect that you currently get with any type of event in HBC or even just a busy Saturday in HBC and the outlying area.

The festival is provided by local business owners who give independent artists a place to play, and it’s the end of spring and the summer kick-off party for all patrons.  While not every business in the area is a venue for live music, there are many who openly encourage the festival. These businesses can be recognized by the HBC Fest posters in their windows, and the support they give to HBC Fest. Additionally The Workshop, Bedrock, Hidden Cellar, Bucket Beach, and Phillies host live music just about every weekend or some kind of pub event is always going on in these places throughout the year.

The main street “Yongsan-2Ga , or Sin-Heung-Ro” where the action happens, became very famous as a local expat hangout. The Hae Bang Chon festival has made the entire HBC area blossom as more people find it an attractive neighborhood and a cool place to be. The festival has always changed with the demands of both musicians and venues. And with that the size and scope of the festival has fluctuated through the years.

Many of the acts are small, acoustic acts, there are still several live band venues, Phillies Pub, Camarata Music, and Bedrock , the bands are a rocking, rolling, and keeping it funky with the majority of the sound buffered due to their basement locations. Street level acoustic performances entertain the busy bars upstairs. Band highlights include: CRUX, L.R.D. Band, Kenji Onizuka, John Patrick Starling and Drowning River, Hertz, Cargo Cult, Cicada State, and a host of solo performance, and some new additions from the local Hongdae rocker circuit. 

The HBC Festival is a DEELEEBOB Music Production in co-operation with the Association Business Owners in Hae Bang Chon. With ‘Founder’ Lance Reegan-Diehl being the central point between artists, venues and business owners. DEELEEBOB music handles all the stage gear and music rentals for the entire event, from drums sets, to amplifiers and monitors, stage setup and tear down. With DEELEEBOB Music support comes assistance from Sound Drive Amplifiers, Graphtech Guitar Parts, Swing Guitars, and Olympia Strings and Straps. As these companies work with the organizer directly.

There is also the other task that DEELEEBOB handles; That being of contacting and dealing with local authorities for traffic control, additional noise, and public safety.

The festival begins on Friday, May 25th the music starts with the infamous BAD HORSiE at Bedrock 9pm and runs until after midnight. Saturday, May 26th  is an entire day of music from about 4pm until 1am with 11 plus venues.

For more details, click on K4E's What's Going On.


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