Move over Everland, KOTESOL is coming to town

by Wayne Finley, 09/04/2018

On May 12, the home of rollercoasters and water slides makes way for an even greater display of thrills and spills as Yongin stages the highly-anticipated KOTESOL National Conference. Forget lining up for hours to board a pirate ship or shoving people out of the way for a selfie with a panda, the only place you want to be that Saturday is at Kangnam University. Don’t lose your mind, or your money, fill it with new teaching ideas that will make your class more popular than a free ticket to a BTS concert.

Everland has the T-Express and Horror Maze II. Granted. Impressive attractions. KOTESOL has Barbara Hoskins-Sakamoto and Dr. Kyung-sook Yeum. Game over. Barbara co-authored the wildly popular Let’s Go course book series, which is only one of the best-selling course books series of all time! Her motto is ‘always try new things.’ Why not try something scarier than any 200-foot rollercoaster: a conference full of English teachers? Dr. Yeum, the TESOL Director at Sookmyung Women’s University, is set to show us how to be great leaders. The world certainly needs more of those right now.

Outside of the main attractions, the conference has loads of presentations by ordinary people, like you and me. Okay, maybe not like me (thankfully!), but there are topics to suit everyone’s interests. If it’s ground-breaking research you want, prepare to hit the water faster than a ride on the Amazon Express river rapids. Interested in some easy-to-apply practical ideas to take into your next class? No problem. There are a number of great workshops to choose from, all with the added bonus of requiring no actual work. Or shopping. Unless you’re shopping for awesome teaching ideas, that is.

When you’re not patek philippe aquanaut replica watches having the professional development time of your life, take time out to get to know all the other people at the conference. Some of them might just prove useful. Some of them might hold the key to a better job. Some of them might even take your hand in marriage (yes, that’s happened). KOTESOL offers the opportunity to network like no other place in Korea. If you build it, they will come, and boy do they come. The National Conference is a field of dreams, both professionally and personally.

For more information about this year’s KOTESOL National Conference in Yongin on May 12, click here. Save yourself some cash by pre-registering, but hurry: the deadline is April 28. See you in KOTESOL-Land! 

About the Author: Wayne Finley is a lifelong educator who has now lived in Korea for an unbelievable 8 years. Time has flown faster than the T-Express! He currently manages international admissions for Sol International School and Endicott College of International Studies, two of the fastest-growing international colleges in Korea. In his ever-shrinking spare time, he loves to work with the great Kathleen Kelley and James Grant Rush to promote KOTESOL. This semester he is teaching an exciting, new course called Personality and Self-Exploration, which is the inspiration for his presentation at the National Conference.

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