FACES OF KOREA - Expat Filmmaker in Korea

by based on Aweh Interview, 13/10/2011

Nick Calder  has pushed the limits by writing, filming, editing, and even acting in the feature length production Fear Eats The Seoul. Entirely shot on a DSLR Fear Eats The Seoul tells the story of a group of ESL teachers who get stuck in Seoul amidst a demonic epidemic, forcing them to confront the horrors on the streets as well as inside of themselves. (Trailer for Feat Eats the Seoul)

Nick Calder, a 24 year old film director and artist from New York City, has lived in Seoul for the last three years, teaching English, and now making films.

Shot with a  Canon 550D or Rebel t2i, using an L series Zoom lens, Fear Eats The Seoul is about the lives of four English Teachers in Korea who never took chances or had the foresight to appreciate what Korea had to offer.  When their lives are interrupted by a demon epidemic that wipes out the entire country, any chances of escape are halted by the fear they harbor.  After meeting a Korean survivor who informs them of an imminent nuclear strike, they realize that in order to survive… they’ll have to confront not only the monsters waiting for them outside, but the ones they left lingering in their heads.

About his experiences in Fear Eats the Seoul, Nick says “It was exhilarating.  Being a writer/ director/ editor ensures that at every step of the way, your vision is never lost.  It grows and changes as you go from Pre-Production to Production to Post-Production.  But it is still one captain steering the ship through three journeys and always knowing that the ship will eventually reach the other shore. Acting in your own film, on the other hand, is something I would rather not do again.  Being in director mode, it is impossible to just switch it off and lose yourself in a given role.  I have so much respect for actors and though I love the craft, wearing too many hats never helps the film.”

He has a few projects in development at the moment, mostly features. “ A second feature is going to be written as soon as promotions for Fear slow down and I have a chance to breathe again.  I have a title, A World Long Gone.  The plan is to have a shooting script ready for next Autumn.  It’s a dark fairy tale omnibus, Pulp Fiction meets Pan’s Labyrinth.  I am very excited to get started with it.  Everyone can check my site to keep updated as the film progresses.   The viewers and our fans will have the opportunity to witness the entire film process from beginning to end, as well as help shape the actual film by being able to interact directly with myself over the course of its production.  I’ve got some ideas for the development of the film that are gonna’ be pretty innovative.  Look out for it.”

If you’d like to see Fear Eats the Seoul you can track its progress at njcalder.com. There will be an original color run of the film on Halloween weekend, Sunday the 30th and Monday the 31st at Laughing Tree Lab in Itaewon. There will be a 2012 festival circuit and Nick isalso planning a non-conventional university “tour” of the film here in Korea to expose it and the revolution of making digital features to Korean students, as well as gain a more general Korean audience and display what the expat community here is doing.

K4E Note: Anyone looking to screen the film can contact Nick at njpcalder@gmail.com

Inteview of Nick Calder by Aweh.tv    

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