Spring Blossoms - Blooming Schedule

by Anne Ladouceur, 11/03/2014

Spring has always been one of my favourite times in Korea. The Korean word for forsythia is 개나리속 (Gaenarisok) which to me has always sounded like the yellow songbird (canary) with a French accent - therefore the perfect word for the beautiful yellow flowers that tell us that winter is making its final bow and spring is arriving onstage. Shortly after the forsythia makes its appearance, the azaleas begin to bloom, and then the cherry blossoms. 

There are all kinds of flower themed festivals taking placed around the peninsula (see the Festivals section in What's Going On) but many of us also enjoy taking in the beauty of spring's blossoms in our own neighbourhoods. Following is a schedule of approximately when you can expect to see the forsythias and azaleas throughout the country. Note that the dates are approximates and can vary by a day or two. The peak blooming days should be about a week (6-7 days) after the blooming date given below. As you can expect, a heavy rain or unexpected frost can throw the whole schedule off. That said, the KMA (Korean Meteorological Association) who produces the 'blooming schedule' are generally pretty accurate. replica iwc watch

Forsythia bloooming dates:
14 March - Seogwipo
15 March - Busan
17 March - Tongyeong
19 March - Daegu
20 March - Gwangju, Yeosu
24 March - Jeonju, Pohang
25 March - Daejeon, Cheongju, Seoul
30 March - Gangneung
31 March - Incheon
01 April - Chuncheon

Azalea Blooming Dates:
15 March - Seogwipo
17 March - Busan
18 March - Tongyeong
20 March - Yeosu
25 March - Daegu
26 March - Gwangju, Seoul
27 March - Daejeon
28 March - Pohang
29 March - Jeonju
31 March - Cheongju
30 March - Gangneung
03 April - Incheon
04 April - Chuncheon

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