Are we being told the truth about the Cheonan?

by Robert Neff, The Marmot's Hole, 28 May 2010, 03/06/2010

According to Scott Creighton, we are being lied to and, unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to be alone.   Looking at the postings of our fellow bloggers in Korea there seems to be some uncertainty of whether or not we are getting the full story - and usually the insinuations are directed at the Korean government.  However, Scott Creighton at  implies that it is the American government that is deceiving us – the American citizens:

"It is clear that we are being lied to and manipulated into believing that North Korea is behind the sinking of the South Korean vessel, the Cheonan.  It is impossible to draw conclusions at this time as to who is responsible but we can conclude based on the evidence, that the official story is yet another lie being pawned off on the American people. This lie is obvious and could be used to instigate military action against the people of North Korea."

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Creighton raises a number of questions and implies that the torpedo is/was of German origin.  One of his readers, Yoon, who identifies himself as a South Korean wrote:

"I’m from South Korea and I could say that the “number one” written on the torpedo is not actually a Korean which is used commonly in South Korea as well.
It is a Korean which is ALWAYS used in South Korea to mean Number 1! ’1번’ means number 1!! Me and 40 something million other South Koreans use that character All the time. That is a damning evidence to absolutely nothing.
And if it were North Korean How the hell did a lousy two-lettered word seemingly written in magic marker survive the major heat and pressure released in the explosion? North Koreans must have really wanted the world to find out it was them who shot the torpedo? They must be suicidal. Of course that makes perfect sense doesn’t it?
Koreans have a very strong feeling toward North Korean citizens, because Korea existed as a unified nation for thousands of years before being seperated. Thousands of families were torn apart and they are still seeking reunion of their family. That’s why South Koreans think North Korea is somehow linked with us, like a very distant cousin.
Bringing an unnecessary war atmosphere here is the last thing any of us need."

Don Kirk touched briefly on the Korean writing in his article in Asia Times and Creighton makes a reference to it.

K4E: The above comments are from a posting on The Marmot's Hole blog on May 28, 2010. For more on the discussion, visit The Marmot's Hole blog.
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