Foster, Adopt or Come and Play with Homeless Pets in Asan, Korea

by Tim Vasudeva, 21/12/2008

A group of us took up the cause of animals, most of whom were abandoned pets, in a unofficial shelter in Daejeon. The shelter had been condemmend by the city and the dogs there were facing a death sentence. We - Expats and Koreans - worked to find homes for animals, while at the same time, volunteers came regularly to provide those still in the shelter with human companionship, care and love. We managed to get extensions from the city of Daejeon so that, finally, earlier this month,  we moved the remaining dogs from the Daejeon dog shelter to a new shelter ("Jane's Grandpa's" shelter in Asan).
I want to extend a huge thankyou to everyone who ever visited Mrs Jung's shelter and helped walk a dog, socialise a dog, foster a dog or adopt a dog. We managed to find homes for around 200 dogs from her shelter in 18 months, which was just fantastic. Also big thanks to Mark Preston for managing the Dejeon 150 Facebook group, that raised a lot of awareness of the shelter's plight.
Mr Park, the manager of the Asan shelter (and grandfather of Jane) agreed to take Mrs Jung's remaining 70 dogs in exchange for us helping to fund the extension / upgrade of his shelter's facilities to accommodate the additional dogs, plus a monthly fee to pay for the dogs' food and for an additional full-time carer.
The arrangement we have with Mr Park is that we will pay him the monthly fee until we foster or adopt 50 of the Asan shelter dogs (it can be any dogs from the shelter, not just Mrs Jungs' former dogs). The Asan shelter has a huge variety of large, medium and small dogs - Huskys, Malamutes, Golden Retrievers, Pointers, Labradors, Jindos, Schnauzers, Boston Terriers, Spaniels, Pekingese, Shi Tzus, Chihuahuas, mixed breeds - you name it, it seems like they have at least one :)  They also have around 50 well cared-for cats.
So we will be conducting trips to the Asan shelter every weekend with any volunteer, potential foster-carer or potential adopter who would like to join us. Our goal is to arrange 50 adoptions or fosters within 6 months. Once we reach that target we won't have to pay for the additional carer although we will most likely still support the shelter financially with food etc if we are in a position to do so.
Our first trip was on Sunday the 21st (subsequent weekends will most likely be Saturday trips).  We will meet either:
- at Seoul train station (KTX ticket booth) at 10.00am; or
- Cheonan Asan KTX station at 11.00am (note this is a different station to the Cheonan train station that links up with the subway lines - if you are taking a normal train/subway train to Cheonan please let me know as you will need to take a short taxi or bus ride to Cheonan Asan KTX station in order to meet us there at 11.00am)
We will be posting plans/details of the weekly trips on our Facebook group and on the Animal Rescue Korea website (links for both are below). We will also be posting photos and videos of our weekly trips and the adoptable animals on both sites. I would encourage everyone to join both the Facebook group and also become a member of the website, which has a really useful forum section with information and discussion topics ranging from travelling with pets to and from Korea, animal behavioural & training issues, animal health, fostering, pet sitting plus our extensive list of adoptable dogs, cats and other domestic animals (complete with photos and profiles).

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Animal Rescue Korea website & forum:
Facebook group:
For anyone who hasn't seen pics or videos from last Saturday's Dog Moving Day (Daejeon to Asan) please see the below links:

Below are the details for the new shelter, as well as links to the website of the Korean volunteer group that already helps out at the shelter (they have a lot of photos of the Asan shelter dogs) plus a link to the blog of the shelter manager Mr Park (with more photos):
Asan shelter (Jane's Grandpa's shelter)
Address : Chungnam Asansi Songakmyun Gangdangri 96- 충남 아산시 송악면 강당리 96번지 (official address)
                    Waeam minsok maeul - 외암민속마을 (when using Korean GPS)
Korean volunteers' website : (누렁이 살리기 운동본부)
Shelter Manager: ParkHee Tae
His blog :
Contact details for anyone wanting to join us on Sunday (or on any of the subsequent weekly trips every Saturday):
Tim: or 010 8940 5233
The dogs (and cats) and I hope to see you at the new shelter!

Photo: Move from Daejeon to Asan Shelter, December 2008

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