Ynot Order Restaurant Food Delivery in English

by Ynot-Takeout., 28/05/2014

Ynot-Takeout.com has opened in Seoul and is delivering different types of food items to people in the area which had never been available for delivery before. It will focus on international food with an English based system. (See below for info on discount for K4E visitors)

Ynot-Takeout grew from a simple game of rock, paper, scissors between roommates. After a long day at work, Phil Neiland returned home ready for dinner.  As he waiting for his other roommates to return home, he started to shuffle through the delivery menus that were at his disposal. Soon the roommates gathered in the living room to decide what they were going to eat together.  “Everyone was sick of the same old pizza or chicken option,” said Patrick (one of the roommates).  And so, it came down to a game of rock, paper, scissors to decide who was making the walk into Itewon to order from one of the foreign restaurants. As the loser was decided, discussion continued about where to go, what restaurants are open and which ones even have takeout capabilities.  “It was at this time, Patrick starting speaking about the delivery options that are avilable in Boston and New York. That discussion between roommates sparked Ynot-Takeout. A team was assembled, months of late night research, brainstorming, taste testing, developing and doing it all over again and again lead to a great service to all of us in the community” said Phil Neiland (Co-Founder).

The delivery service has been created for the customer by the customer. Many of the current and future customers have worked with the Ynot staff behind the scenes to perfect the service being offered. The customers also have the decision power to help decide what restaurants they want to be listed and available for delivery. Customers can recommend restaurants they want on the list of options and the Ynot staff will work to make that happen.

This service is the first to give users a food delivery option consisting of more of the various ethnic and multicultural cuisines that exist outside of the traditional Korean delivery items typically offered.  This is also the first fully functional food delivery service in Seoul centered around an English based system to cater to the international, travelled and tourist community.

Phil Neiland said: “Customers give us feedback about certain restaurants and about the efficiency of our service. On the financial side of things, Ynot-Takeout also has the backing of investors both in Korea and abroad.

“We set this up from a point of personal demand. We believe variety is the spice of life and we wanted this variety to be conveniently avilable for ourselves, our friends and people like us; who are on the go, busy or who just want more options to be available at a click of a button.”

The service is currently operating in central Seoul in areas like Itaewon, Haebongchon, Kyunglidan, Hannam dong, Yongsan Army Base  and Banpo  areas.

The Ynot-takeout team is set currently at 10 dedicated employees and over the next year the company hopes to expand to as many partner restaurants as possible. Members of the community will have an almost unlimited amount of wonderful food options avilable to them. Customers just have to search the list of restaurants or cuisines on the website www.ynot-takeout.com , choose the menu items they want, submit their order online and the restaurant will begin preparing the food immediately and the delivery driver will be on the way to the customer with the hot and ready dishes.

They also hope that in five years they can provide this service to as many communities in Korea as possible.

“We know that most people want a service like this and therefore we don't want to limit things to only central Seoul. We hope to expand the food culture here in Korea to where we can offer more options right to the customer’s doorstep no matter where they live. We want more people to have the chance to enjoy the foods that might be a bit foreign to them but, by using our service and recommendations we can help them expand their palette in the comforts of their home with friends and family.
“We have been planning and developing this service for over a year and a half. We are creating a company culture that involves eating great food, learning about the world around us and having a good time. We have had the chance to eat and drink from almost every restaurant in the central part of the city and that same opportunity is now avilable from the comforts of your home.” added Phil Neiland. 

Service Information: 
Current Days/Times of Operation: Wed-Friday; Sunday-Monday 4:30pm-11pm
Cost: Order + Delivery Fee (W4,000-W5,000 depending on Zone)

K4E Discount: Like the Ynot-Takeout Facebook Page ( https://www.facebook.com/YnotTakeout ) and then when ordering add the Promotional Code: Ynot-K4E in the comments box on the order page at  www.ynot-takeout.com to recive a special delivery fee discount of W1,000 only available to Korea4Expats visitors.

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