New Foreign Customer Department at Shinhan

by Michelle Farnsworth - Foreign Client Relationship Manager, Shinhan Bank Seoul Global Center, 03/08/2011

Brian (Bok-Sun) Hwang has been appointed to lead the creation of the new Foreign Customer Department at Shinhan Bank.

Since it was opened in March 2010, Replica Patek Philippe Watches Brian has been heading the Shinhan Bank Seoul Global Center - the first and only bank branch in all of Korea that is entirely dedicated exclusively to serving foreigners and foreign companies. Over the past 16 months the staff at the Shinhan Bank Seoul Global Center has been studying the needs of foreign customers, developing detailed product overviews in English, designing training sessions, and preparing for the launch of the Foreign Customer Department.

Brian says, “Due to the success of the Shinhan Bank Seoul Global Center pilot project, we have decided to launch a whole new department in the Shinhan Bank head office that will be responsible for expanding, improving, and promoting Shinhan’s banking services for international residents and foreign companies in Korea. Foreigners account for 2% of Korea’s population and the number continues to grow, yet the banking services available in Korea today do not adequately reflect the needs of this underserved population. We are now stepping up to meet this challenge.”

The Shinhan Bank Seoul Global Center (located on the ground floor of the Seoul Finance Center in Gwanghwamun) will continue to operate as normal with Deputy General Manager Dan (Dae-Geu) Hwang taking over Brian’s position, but the highly successful social media sites launched and operated by the Shinhan Bank Seoul Global Center including the Facebook (Shinhan Bank Seoul Global Center), Twitter (@ShinhanBankENG), and LinkedIn (Shinhan Bank Foreign Customer Department) pages will now be run by the Foreign Customer Department. “Not to worry though, the transition will be seamless.” promises Brian.

“As the best replica watches head of this new 8-member foreign-focused department, I will personally ensure that Shinhan will become the number one bank for foreigners and foreign companies in Korea.” says Brian, “It won’t all happen overnight, but it will happen. We will implement clear, consistent policies for both private and corporate banking customers. We will provide training and support to more and more Shinhan Bank branches and staff. We will create global desks for individual foreign customers and strategic braches for foreign companies. We will completely revamp our English website. We will meet and exceed the global standard. We have the complete support of top management. This is our time to shine.”

Shinhan Bank is the largest subsidiary of the Shinhan Financial Group. At the end of 2010 Shinhan Bank was the number one ranked bank in Korea in terms of net income. Shinhan Bank boasts 18.8 million customers in Korea with more than 1,000 branches and approximately 8,200 ATMs. Shinhan Bank is also active in 14 countries around the world.

See more details on Shinhan Bank Seoul Global Center, the Shinhan Expat Branch.

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