Sinchon Play Bus

by Seoul Metropolitan Government, 29/12/2014

Located in Seoul in Star Square on Yonsei-ro in Sinchon, the “Sinchon Play Bus,” a musical bus with a background story, is a remodeled double-decker bus that has been decorated with stories from various parts of the Sinchon area using musical elements. The interior and exterior of the “Sinchon Play Bus” was designed under the themes of “Music” and “Sinchon Story”.  People who spent their youth in Sinchon in the 1970s and 1980s as well as today’s youth can enjoy it while it serves as a new landmark and source of tourist information for both Korean and foreign visitors.

The exterior of the double-decker bus has been outfitted with huge headphones and a cassette-tape door, photo zone, and small stage, while the interior was designed with musical elements that describe the history and culture of Sinchon. The interior is divided into three sections titled “Welcome to Sinchon,” “Musical Experience in Sinchon,” and “Sinchon Story”.

The 'Welcome to Sinchon' section contains an information desk equipped with leaflets about tourist attractions and performances. There is also a video guest book where visitors can leave interesting video messages or send videos to the email accounts or cell phones of their loved ones.

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Musical Experience in Sinchon” includes a DJ Box for Professionals, DJ Box Photo Zone, and a personal internet broadcast program. The DJ Box, which is a recreation of DJ boxes from the past, is a studio installed with professional DJ equipment where professional artists can perform. Furthermore, there is also a space for uploading internet broadcasts, allowing people to broadcast their personal programs at any time. In the future, DJ performances and personal broadcast programs will be available for applicants, and it will also be used as a photo zone. In addition, there is a lounge that serves as a gallery and a place for visitors to listen to music, as it contains about 150 CDs and LPs. Visitors can listen to the music of singers and musicians who have connections to Sinchon, such as the Sinchon Blues, Han Yeong-ae, and Sunflower, as well as various Indie musicians, including Epitone Project, Casker, and Han Hee-jung.

In the 'Sinchon Story' section, visitors are given an overview of Sinchon through a graphic wall, which shows the scenes and tells stories of the past and present of Sinchon. It also introduces popular music that contains references to Sinchon under the themes of “Romantic Sinchon Station of the Past,” “Sinchon Rotary, the Street of Youth,” “Sinchon, a Cultural Haven, and “The Youthful Universities of Sinchon”.

Yonsei-ro is the first road in Seoul to be designated as a “Public Transportation-Only Road”, and in the latter half of next year, it will become a pedestrian-only area. By attracting tourists and hosting cultural and artistic performances in Star Square, this space will be the focal point of the revitalization of the Sinchon region, which is much desired by the residents and merchants of Sinchon and its neighboring areas.

Getting There: Green line 2 to the Sinchon station (Stop 240). Take exit 3 and go straight. Star Square is an open area with a stage and sitting area. 


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