Special July Sweet-tooth Days

by Chef Garrett, Tartine Cafe and Bakery, 29/06/2011

The hot, lethargic and humid month of July is upon us! It all makes one want to just sit on the veranda and savor a hopeful bit of movement in the air and enjoy a tall iced beverage in peace and quiet.  But, none of that is possible for us at TARTINE Bakery & Cafe because wouldn’t you know, this year, July has 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays, oh yes, just count them to be sure. Friday, Saturday and Sundays are our busiest days of the week at the cafe, so it will be very hectic indeed this month.

In fact, replica watches July is Blueberry Month and do we have blueberries, oh my goodness, we have blueberries, in abundance.  Our Aunt Nellie’s Blueberry Pie is one of our best sellers.  We use over 100kg of blueberries each month and even more during the holidays.

Speaking of holidays, this year Canada Day [July 1st] and American [USA] Independence Day [4th of July] will be celebrated on the same weekend.  To honor Canada Day, we will decorate our Turtleford [ Saskatchewan, Canada ] Butter Tart with a pie crust Maple Leaf.  For the 4th of July, we will make a Cherry Pie with stripes of pie crust and Boysenberries in the upper left hand corner with stars.  Please order these pies at least two days in advance.  We can add a Maple Leaf to any of our pies. Bastille Day is the 14th and what says French Revolution like a nice French Morello Cherry Pie?  These cherries are tart and flavorful, a perfect dessert for any celebration.  Vive la France!

By the way, you can learn some of great pie crust making techniques by signing-up for our pie crust class  this July. A unique first-date idea or a great start to your Saturday night on July 9th. 

Pecan Day is on the 12th . Pecans are native to the Americas and have been used from time memorial.  We toast ours to perfection to release the natural oils and flavor and add them whenever nuts are called for.  Our Aunt Judy’s Jubilee Pecan Pie is an old Louisiana recipe using molasses.

Cow Appreciation Day is on the 15th.   Good golly, what would I do without a herd of Herferds to supply me with double rich cream and whole milk?  All of our baked goods use butter in some way or another and the cream pies, oh just think if we didn’t have whole fresh milk!  I say, let us all go tromp through the grassy meadow where the maternal cows frolic, play and prance about, and round up the placid bovines and give them a great big hug!  Old Bessie, my Grandfather’s milking cow always liked a hug now and again, mostly she liked an extra serving of molasses and then she would put her sticky nose all about my face, yuck! Being kissed by a cow is an experience not soon overlooked; I would almost rather be smooched by a duck! Try our Ruby’s 100% Pure Butter, which is made in our own kitchen, our luscious Cheesecake or ice cream and of course, Turtleford Butter Tarts.

Chocolate Day is the 17th.  Heavens to Willy Wonka… do we have chocolate, dark chocolate, that is.  We have it to drink -hot or cold- as a lacquer Cream de Cacao- pies, cookies, tortes, squares, brownies and biscuit cakes, gads, we have chocolate in abundance.  Dark Belgium Chocolate and Brute Cocoa powder from France are our de regular.  If we had room, we would install a chocolate fountain. 

Vanilla Ice Cream is honored on the 23rd… we like to think of it as a la Mode.  And like everything at TARTINE, our vanilla ice cream is the perfect companion to all of our desserts, such creamy goodness.  With thoughts of creamy goodness, Cheesecake is recognized on the 30th.  Our New York Cheesecake is made to the traditional New York deli recipe.  Now the world is full of Cheesecake aficionados and each and every one of them has a favorite cheesecake.  Nothing stirs up people’s emotions more than a lively discussion about cheesecake, well cheesecake is like religion and politics, “to each their own” and “agree to disagree.”  Our cheesecake is our cheesecake, if you love it, we are pleases, if not, well, try the pie.

Directions to Tartine: From the Hamilton Hotel, go right –towards Paris Baguette, or go straight from Itaewon Station, Stop 630,  Exit #1, past KFC [first alley] to the second alley, turn right.  We are halfway up the alley on the right [look for the pies in the window].


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