Women's Soccer is Back in Seoul!

by Jennifer McMullen - goal keeper, 01/05/2010

Finally, our prayers have been answered! A new women’s soccer team is up and running in Seoul. Actually—not only is it up and running, but it’s scoring goals, has sponsors and some fundraisers coming up too!

The team, under the name Seoul Strikers, swiss replica watches was started a few years ago but fell apart in 2008 after one of the main organizers left Korea. After that, many of the girls that were left played on men’s teams or just played pick up soccer. But now thanks to Teddi Labrash, the new captain, and Coach Phil Anglade, the team is back and better than ever.

Teddi heard from a lot of women interested in playing, but had trouble finding a place for the team to play. That’s where Coach Phil, (my personal hero), came in. Teddi was introduced to Phil through a mutual friend on a men’s team. Phil who currently works for the American military was able to get the team use of the fields on the Yongsan Army base and agreed to coach and manage the team. With 10 years experience coaching, amazing organization skills and a passion for helping others, Phil has been the driving force behind making sure this team not only happens, but continues on for years to come. He says he “sees the team as long term” and “wants to make an effort to keep the games and interest going” (and his enthusiasm is almost enough to keep this diehard goal keeper in the country for a few extra years).

Since the first practice in April this year, the number of girls has doubled and the interest in the team has continued to grow. There are Canadian, American, Korean and Japanese players ranging from ages 22-45, with a variety of skill. Some of the women have played collegiate level soccer before while others, like Leez, don’t have much experience at all. Leez, said that she wanted to play because she “wants to be healthy and do something different.” Others just wanted to make friends, get back into their beloved sport or have fun.

But, of course the fun doesn’t stop when the whistle blows. Every Sunday after practice the team heads over to Canadian themed Rocky Mountain Tavern, for drinks, food and chit chat. RMT recently agreed to sponsor the team, so it’s now the team’s home base.

When RMT co-owner Jamie Cottin was first approached by the team for sponsorship he was really excited because RMT likes to sponsor teams and always holds fundraisers and events for charities. Cottin says that “it’s good to have a community; it’s a good feeling for us.” We feel the same Jamie, we feel the same!

But, if you can’t make it out to the bar on a Sunday night, come to RMT on Friday, May 7th for the team’s first fundraiser. The team is currently selling raffle tickets for a draw, and prizes including 2010 world cup autographed replica ball, Manchester United J.S Park replica jersey, a bottle of Jagermeister, and much more!

To join the Seoul Strikers, email Coach Phil at angladep@gmail.com. Information on upcoming events and practices can be found on korea4expats.com in the Sports/Fitness section of What’s Going On or by contacting Coach Phil.

The team currently practices Sundays on the Yongsan Army base at 2pm. To get there, get on the Blue Line (Line #4) and get off at Ichon station, go out exit 2 and turn left. Go in gate 17A. You must bring your passport and ARC card to get on the base. Contact Coach Phil in advance to let him know you plan on coming to practice so that he can make the necessary arrangements.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a fever, and the only prescription is more soccer.

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