Finding My Writing Courage

by Rebecca Biage, 10/03/2015

Ever since childhood I remember feeling intrigued by other countries and cultures. I couldn't wait to get out there and start exploring! The restless, nomad side of my personality has always been there. I remember during childhood learning about the Amazon rainforest and Egypt, feeling captivated and making a silent vow to one day visit these places.  

When I reminisce on those trips and many other solo global adventures, I know they should be shared with others-- and, hopefully, encourage others to explore this interesting world that we're all linked to. For many, writing is the ideal outlet in which to share such travel experiences.  

The writing bug didn't manifest itself until my late twenties. Years ago while living in Boston, I started keeping a blog, mostly for sharing interesting articles or photographs. Later, it also served as a good place to document the sights and sounds of Seoul during my first teaching gig there in 2012. While I enjoyed writing on my blog, and sharing my "South Korea Part I" experiences, I wasn't making any endeavors to get the work noticed.

Replica Watches After enduring many life hiccups in the United States during 2013, I ended up back in South Korea. I knew that my gut was guiding me back to Asia, and life's whispers were pointing me in a different (yet very familiar) direction. Life definitely teaches us that when we ignore those whispers, they just keep getting louder and louder until we get the message! 

After drafting an article about a pleasant weekend trip to Geumsan months ago, I realized that now was the time to start making an effort to get my writing published. While I had been working on some articles (mostly focused on American culture and society), I wanted to begin devoting attention to my travel experiences. Writing fuses that inner spark and even though it's not a career at the moment, it's one of the few activities that brings meaning to my heart.

I first learned about Pink Pangea while researching potential travel websites to submit articles to. I was particularly looking for websites that were geared towards female travelers, hoping that would get me a better shot at getting published. As I explored more of Pink Pangea's site I felt it may be a good fit for my article-- and, thankfully, it was!

Pink Pangea offers a place where female travelers can share their travel experiences, educate others, offer tips, along with participating in travel writing workshops and international retreats. Women can discuss the good and bad about studying or working abroad. Perhaps one of the best things about the site is that inspiration can be found in a variety of posts. Writing a post that ignites curiosity and encourages a person to leave her comfort zone is what many female travel writers hope to achieve!

I appreciate that through Pink Pangea I've been able to follow my own truth, and find more inner fulfillment in my writing. It's been a place where I can share my opinions about South Korea and speak from the heart. I've been able to write about a range of topics from the country's cultural quirks to the academic system.

Women's rights activist Mary Ritter Beard once said "Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living." During the 20th century Beard had the courage to advocate on behalf of women's rights in the United States. I'm glad to have (finally) overcome my fear and, with the help of Pink Pangea, found a way to share my writing with other adventurous women. 

About the author: Rebecca Biage works in Suwon, Gyeonggi-do. She is a regular contributor to Pink Pangea - the community for women who like to travel and also has a blog of her own.

Pink Pangea was co-founded by Rachel Sales. Before launching Pink Pangea, Rachel worked in tourism, helping to connect young adults to meaningful volunteer and internship opportunities abroad. 


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